Wild team bus gets stuck in traffic in New York before Thanksgiving before Devils game, forced to delay half an hour


Like most NHL teams, Minnesota Wild decided to stay in Manhattan before playing New Jersey Devil. Wild’s plan to avoid New Jersey, however, yielded unfortunate results this time around.

The Dutch tunnel connecting Lower Manhattan and Jersey City closed Wednesday, stopping the Minnesota team’s bus and forcing the Wild-Devils game to be delayed by half an hour. Fans who got their seats early reported boo the announcement.

The wilds didn’t arrive at the Prudential Center until 6:26 p.m. ET, 34 minutes before the original head-to-head time. The final game kicks off at 7:33pm, and Wild’s Twitter account has shed some light on the situation up to that point.

Traffic in New York is hardly ever easy, but the congestion Minnesota faced on Wednesday was likely heightened by people traveling over Thanksgiving. Transportation analytics firm INRIX forecasts nationwide traffic delays of about 40% more than usual during the holiday season, and AAA predicts nearly 4 million more travelers over Thanksgiving. this year compared to 2020.

The late arrival did not seem to affect Central Division’s leading Wild team. Minnesota (11-6-1) now leads the Reds (8-5-3) 2-0 after the first period thanks to goals from Ryan Hartman and Nico Strum.

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