Why is TikTok so obsessed with “pure” beauty? Honestly, I got over it

I don’t know on TikTok because of beauty trends – shocking, coming from a beauty writer for a living, I know. I’m really just there for the memes and a break from the rock-solid, manufactured perfection of Instagram. But wherever I shoot (yeah, scroll), I come across videos of the “clean” beauty guide it is the smell of the same unattainable perfection. Not “clean” as in clean ingredients, as clean as it looks, usually consisting of sleek, slicked-back hair, skin light enough to dazzle passersby, and very Minimal makeup with skin care products, light mascara and a little tinted lip balm.

If you search #cleanlook On the app you will find hundreds of videos, mostly tutorials, accumulated over 22 million views. You can also find the clean look of every A-list model today. Looks like this is the hair and makeup option for Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and the like. Here’s the part where you get mad at me: It freaks me out.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping makeup and hair styling to a minimum, so if that’s your game, you do (hey, I do it all the time). The fact that the Internet is like that, therefore I was particularly drawn to the “clean look” that captivated me. Because, guys, it’s actually a repackaged version of toilless, and that thing has been around forever. Nothing new or revolutionary happens here.

After I figured it out, it’s all messed up: People don’t really ask for instructions to look clean because they don’t understand how back-swept hair works or that. colored sunscreen exist. That’s because people who are mostly viral or famous for mimicking clean looks have straight or wavy hair, clear skin, naturally full eyebrows and – you guessed it – young, white ( or light skin), thin and generally attractive. Why is TikTok so obsessed with “pure” beauty? Honestly, I got over it

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