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If there’s one thing you should know about Gucci house The film is two hours and thirty-seven minutes long. Plus the trailer, it’s basically a three-hour experience, and with all that remarkable onscreen, you’re sure to wish Lady Gaga would stuff a panini in your mouth, or at least pour you a glass. (You’ll probably want a cigarette, too.) It’s a serious commitment and we want you to be prepared. Of course, no one is more committed than Gaga herself, the celebrity spent nine months in the character. So, in that spirit, we’ve compiled a list of things to do before (and after) to see the movie to keep you engaged. Gucci house Thinking. We even dressed up and went to Gaga’s dad’s restaurant on the Upper East Side. Hi strictly!

If you want the full story and don’t mind spoilers, book that Gucci house It’s based on just as much fun as the movie and will give you all the context you need – aside from the scenes that don’t make it (spoiler alert: includes a board meeting that ends in bloodshed). However, if you just want a quick recap, this Guardians file with Patrizia Reggiani really also a hoot.

Coincidentally (or not), this year marks the 100th anniversary of Guccio Gucci – you guessed it – Gucci. To mark the event, the brand compiled a playlist of each song that Gucci was mentioned in, and there are many. Like hours and hours worth. Play them as you walk to the theater or in the days leading up to a premiere.

Of course, you can also listen to Lady Gaga. “Bad love“Feel special about the subject. To add “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” and “The famous. ”

The most obvious thing to do is stop by a Gucci store and try on. But there are also ways to dress up without spending thousands of dollars. If you’re playing Gaga’s character, Patrizia, wear a tight dress, heels, and fur coat – and get one Cut the nail. For Maurizio Gucci, a turtleneck and some glasses would be appropriate. Can visit James Veloria or Entertain or one of these RealReal Shop for some vintage. Gold jewelry is a must have. Try New Top or Popular jewelry on Canal Street, and while you’re there, buy some Gucci knockoffs. (Although this would deeply offend Patrizia.)

Now you’ve dressed it all up, so you might as well Note. Start with an aperitif at Bar Pisellino or Dante in the West Village. Eataly also just opened Bar Milano at its Flatiron location, and the marble bar at Marea is a really luxurious perch. Wherever you end up, even if it’s just your couch, an Aperol spritz or a Negroni can help keep the movie going.

If you want a martini instead, come King Cole Bar at the St. Regis – that’s where the real-life Patrizia stayed when she first arrived in New York. (After her family booked her a “third-rate” hotel and she upgraded herself, according to the book.)

If cocktails aren’t your thing, maybe sneak a few bottles of Peroni into the theater. Or if you feel like it, buy a bottle of Gaga’s Dom Pérignon Champagne.

Did you know that Gaga’s dad owns an Italian restaurant on 68th Street called Joanne Trattoria? We went and checked it out and honestly could skip the dishes and order a bottle of Gaga with dessert instead. You won’t find a glass of wine at the liquor store, and it actually tastes pretty good. I have a note about rah rah-ah-ah-ah and Gaga, ooh-la-la. Make a reservation, because it’s packed!

A bottle of Gaga to serve with dinner and/or dessert.

For some Milanese risotto, hit one of the Sant Ambroeus locations. Or if you like afternoon movies, come Lodi at Rockefeller Center for a decadent lunch. Patrizia has an apartment in the nearby Olympic Tower, and I’m sure if she lived in New York today she would be a regular there.

If you’re addicted to a few martinis, chances are you’ll try to speak with an Italian accent and maybe even speak Italian, who knows. You can download Duolingo first or practice in front of a mirror by saying “Father, son, and House of Gucci” over and over. The good news is No one in the movie is 100 percent correct, and it’s fine.

In real life, Patrizia is very close to her psychic, Giuseppina Auriemma, who is played by Salma Hayek in the film. (Another warning: very close, in fact, she reported served as an intermediary between Patrizia and the murdered men she allegedly hired to kill her ex-husband.)

In the film, a scene between Gaga and Adam Driver takes place on a Vespa. Vespas are very Italian and fun to ride, so you can take Revel to the theater or find someone who will let you jump on their rear. Simpatico!

Like we said, the movie is long and you don’t want to miss a beat.

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