[Watch] EliGE goes viral after defeating a completely cracked Ace in CS: GO

Team Liquid veteran Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski got off to a good start in 2022 as he recently went viral in the CS:GO community for his stellar success in Dust 2. The 24-year-old has proven why he’s one of them. the best Counter-Strike players from North America, by single-handedly taking care of the entire CT side to gain map points without breaking a sweat.

EliGE ran a marathon in lap 26order cycle around the map, going from T-Spawn to Upper Tunnels, from there to A-Short, then CT-Spawn, and finally finish your circuit by taking last points towards Long Corner and Pit. It seems like he never missed that ‘W’ while piecing together some sharp close-ups to create five amazing frames and an incredible clip all around.

EliGE goes viral after an absolutely incredible ace on Dust 2

EliGE just made HLTV’s top 20 CS:GO players for 2021, and he seems poised to turn things around this year alongside Team Liquid, as the North American organization recently went through a tough time. major overhaul for the 2022 season.. EliGE looks to get top form as seen by this viral clip.

During a recent CS:GO match that EliGE was streaming on Twitch, the talented rifler player was very supportive of his team at number 26.order lap while playing T-side on Dust 2. He took part in a marathon that rotated from T-Spawn to A-Short through the Lower Tunnels, picking a perfect kill in his way.

He went on to pick another frag towards A-Ramp with a bit of support from his teammates in the form of a flashbang, which immediately dropped and moved towards CT-Spawn to secure his third kill on B-Doors side.

Without missing a heartbeat, he turned around and made his way past the burning Molotov for the final two kills at Long Corner and Pit respectively, completing his circuit and with it his absolute ace masterpiece that.

Not only did EliGE display great sense of the game and a perfectly sharp aim, but he also carried his team literally into this round as the attackers didn’t lose a single player.

If EliGE continues to show this form in pro settings as well as for the better half of the year, Liquid could indeed do some serious damage in the upcoming season.

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