Villains with the best intros, ranked

One of the best parts of watching My Hero Academia Anime is being introduced with lots of unique and interesting villains. The series’ heroes face villains of various types, with all sorts of unsettling motives and powerful quirks. Some Mine Hero Academy The villains only appear on the show for an episode or two, while the others cause chaos throughout the series.

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The franchise is great at setting the tone for how each villain will influence heroic society through their debut. The best My Hero Academia The villain introductions vary in the chill factor, with some villains easily winning over others.

Himiko Toga and Dabi

Dabi and Toga are recruited

These two villains were recruited into League of Villains and introduced their characters at the same time in the manga and anime. Shigaraki is immediately rejected by the pair, seeing them as a mean guy and a crazy schoolgirl. Their intro shows how weird and dangerous they can be, with Dabi being calculating and fearless in the face of a group of villains and Toga’s unusual bloodthirsty and desperate desire to kill. Their introduction is much more masterful than some of the other villains in the group.



Twice Bleeding Without Mask My Villain Academia

Two first appearances in UA’s summer camp in the woods. When the League of Villains was ambushing the students, Dabi encountered Eraserhead. The two fight for a brief moment before Eraserhead is able to drag Dabi to the ground, resulting in Dabi dissolving into nothingness. He’s been a clone ever since! The clone creator is revealed to be Twice, a new addition to the Alliance. He was immediately identified as a quirky and funny character with a lot of charm and a very slick personality. The Dabi clone storyline is a great way to introduce Twice and his jokes.

Kyudai Garaki

Dr. Garaki at My Hero Academia doctor's office

Garaki is the evil doctor and right-hand man of All for One. Even though he talked to Tomura Shigaraki via a radio link in the Tournament’s multiplayer shows, he is officially introduced later in the series. This fearsome scientist experimented on humans and created Nomu for violent purposes.

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The scariest part of his intro is that viewers get to see Garaki from the very first episode of the entire series, as he’s the doctor who diagnosed Deku as not handicapped. Fans theorized that Deku actually had a joke and that Garaki helped All for One steal it when he was 4.


Hero Killer Stain ready to attack

The fearsome Hero Killer, Stain, was first introduced after defeating Ingenium, Iida’s brother. The murderer stood on top of a tall building, looking over Hosu city with a look of loathing of heroes. Witnessing Iida’s pain and suffering after watching her brother near death following an encounter with Stain makes this villain’s introduction truly chilling to the bone. Stain is simply a villain who wants to kill as many heroes as possible, based on his own sense of “deserving” making him a prominent villain from the rest of the people in My Hero Academia.


Overhaul Chisaki with a mask in the alley

The main antagonist of Season 4 is Kai Chisaki, or Overhaul. He is the leader of the Shie Hassaikai and wants the League of Villains to join him in his plan to bring chaos and takeover. prevailing hero society. His first encounter with the Alliance quickly resulted in the death of one of the members, Magne, who attacked and attacked him. Overhaul just touched her and she was vaporized into the air. His powers have been delivered in a terrifying and violent manner, conveying fully that Overhaul is about to become the next worst villain in the series.

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki without a mask, glowing in the light

As the main antagonist of the entire series, Tomua Shigaraki’s introduction is unquestionable, thrilling, and a big surprise for UA students and viewers alike. When Class 1-A and pro-heroes Thirteen and Eraserhead join USJ, they are ambushed by the League of Villains, Shigaraki as their leader.

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While being battled by his teachers, he reveals a disturbing quirk of his, Decay. With just one touch, Shigaraki can decompose a person or an object into dust. He displayed unbridled rage, bloodlust, and childlike anger towards All Might and the heroic guild during his time. MHA launch.


Hood Nomu fights Endeavor and Hawks

This is the smartest and strongest Nomu heroes seen in the series hitherto. When Endeavor and the Hawks were having a private meeting, the window of their building was suddenly hit by Hood. He is willing to kill Endeavor, not holding back his need to kill his #1 hero. This battle of Nomu was very violent and caused a great shock to the heroic society, and it was revealed that some Nomu may have personality and intelligence. Hood’s surprise battle is a great way to introduce a fearsome villain.


ReDestro with dark spots on his face

My Hero Academia isn’t afraid to show how bad and cruel the villains in the series can be, and the introduction of Re-Destro in the series proves it. The president of Detnerat Company is first seen talking to one of his employees in his office. When he asked staff about the teachings of Destro, leader of the Meta Liberation Army, the staff responded with harsh criticism and disgust with Destro. This resulted in Re-Destro grabbing the employee and fatally squeezing him, strangling him into his arms, and dumping his body afterwards. He is immediately drawn as a leader who is heartless, ruthless, and without hesitation in getting what he wants.

All for one

All for a person with a ruined face

After being enrolled at UA for a few weeks, All Might finally reveals the truth behind One For All and how All For One is the villain Deku might face in the future. AFO’s back story is truly unsettling, and it only gets worse when his first villain really live debut in his time Battle against All Might in Kamino. He is unbelievably strong and has loads of monstrous questions, making him nearly impossible to defeat.

Of course, All Might was able to defeat him with the power of One For All, but it cost him his inherited hard saying forever. The entire battle of Kamino was such a suspenseful match that it made the official AFO introduction the craziest intro in the series.

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