The Sill Living Room Duo planter set review

While I definitely consider a dark chocolate bar, scented candles, and a jar of half-sugar pickles – yes, really – to be my all-time favorites, house plants has also earned a permanent spot on my favorites list. Not only do they add character to any home, but for me, watching my cacti, ivy, cactus and prayer plants grow is a wonderful thing in my life. it’s him. After all, care about other things do makes you feel a little more confident and responsible — even in times when you feel like you’ve barely mastered the art of insults.

Alas, unlike some highly regarded planters, I’ll admit that raise children Skills are still a work in progress. That means I’m still making a lot of mistakes—sometimes overwatering the plant, sometimes giving it too much sun, and still trying to understand the full swing of the pH balance in your soil. Still, I’m always looking forward to adding some new botanical kids to my growing family — and hoping to learn some Planting skills along the way — I’m happy to get my hands on it The Sill living room plant duoto test my green thumb. Besides, since the set offers two low maintenance plants, I thought it would be perfect for my budding skill level to handle.


Now, this set has two trees — namely Philodendron and Snake Plant Laurentii. When they arrived, I was immediately captivated by their beauty. Not only did they add green to my marble coffee table, but they also came with a sleek porcelain planter, so I got to work on my potting skills as well. Phu. Caring for these plants is (so far) pretty easy – they don’t require frequent watering and can tolerate low indirect light. Basically, because they’re so unpretentious, you won’t even notice they’re there.

Also useful? Sill’s Helpful Care Guide Comes with plants. Not only does it give you detailed watering and lighting instructions, but it also suggests you signs of sad plants to watch out for so you can try to save them before they actually die. So are these home plants worth the spend? Absolutely – especially if you want to pair of trees so low maintenance they basically can’t be killed. Plus, because this set is great for beginners, it will allow you to build your gardening skills over time and get ready to move on to more challenging blooms.

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