The same director made two amazingly different Christmas movies

It is not uncommon for directors to have a similar theme or a characteristic style in their works. It’s also not uncommon for film directors to be chameleons and make wildly different films. It’s a little less common, and also interesting, that a director can take the same theme and tell two wildly different stories in different parts of the work. And that’s exactly what Bob Clark was able to do with two of his most famous films.

Clark is a director, screenwriter and executive producer who is best known for his work in the Canadian film industry, despite being an American himself. Some of his work is still in progress for some of the greatest Canadian films of all time. He is responsible for the hit classic movie Porky’s, is considered a great inspiration for NS American Cakes series and teen sex comedy in general. But what he’s probably best known for is his contribution to the world of holiday classics with two Christmas movies, with different perspectives.


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His first Christmas movie came out in 1974 and was called Black Christmas. While it’s a slightly quieter film, it has a huge fan base in the horror community and is a major influence in the horror genre. His Next Christmas Project was released in 1983 and is a holiday classic Is called Christmas story. When reviewing these two movies, they couldn’t be more different even though both are holiday movies. Fortunately, both are incredible films and worth watching this holiday season.

black christmas

It is quite possible that people will not know about Black Christmas, though there have been two recent remakes, as it’s a bit less of a mainstream holiday classic than the others. However, it was influential and helped shape the horror genre in general. Overall, it’s also really ahead of its time and works very well for a modern watch.

The story is about a group of female college students in a girls’ house right before the Christmas holiday is to begin with. They are being harassed by an unknown caller who spits scary and vulgar things at them over the phone, and one day one of them goes missing. Although the characters don’t know this, viewers can see that they are actually being killed one by one.

Black Christmas was released in 1974, the same year as Texas Chainsaw Massacre these two films are often said to be the true beginnings of what audiences will come to know as the murder genre. Out of two, Black Christmas in particular has been said to have been a great inspiration to John Carpenter when he created Halloween. Halloween usually considered the real father of the murder genre because even though it wasn’t the first, it made the killers commonplace.

Another thing that makes Black Christmas what’s great (for most people) is that it’s ahead of its time and, in many ways, very feminist in tone. All of the main characters are women and they’re not just there to look good, they have a lot of conversations that don’t revolve around men or relationships. It also provides commentary on abortion issues and the police don’t take women’s issues seriously.

ralphie a christmas story

In the opposite circuit of Black Christmas, Christmas story is a complete sweet and useful movie that many families around the world love for the holidays. It’s a simple movie that’s shown through a series of little motifs revolving around a particular Christmas season of a young boy named Ralphie Parker and his family. It was released in 1983 but is set in the early 1940s.

Small details are told by an adult Ralphie, looking back on his memories, and despite the numerous short stories there is a main plot. Ralphie is on a journey to get the gift of his dreams for Christmas: A BB gun. It’s an interesting film because it’s based on the semi-autobiographical short stories of Jean Shepherd, who was also the film’s writing partner and recounts Ralphie’s growing up moments.

Christmas story is a classic and is must see every holiday season for many. It’s fantastic and funny with moments suitable for the whole family, and overall, it does an incredible job of putting viewers in the Christmas mood. While it wasn’t a huge box office success, it has become quite popular and has lived up to its tradition throughout the years. It is also believed to be somewhat influential, as the narrative style was later used and popularized in the hit television show. Magic years.

There are similarities just past Christmas, but they are minor and are found mainly in the opening and closing title and credit cards. Besides, these movies couldn’t be more different despite being made by the same people. It’s really amazing that Bob Clark was able to create two standing films the test of time like a Christmas classic for completely separate crowds.

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