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If you’ve been thinking of investing in your own homemade gel manicure tools and skip the expensive salon visits, now is the time to take the plunge. That’s because you can get an outstanding UV LED gel Nail lights 38% off on Amazon right now.

Although you will have to buy the necessary gel formula polish separately, this is a great buy, like Nail Lights (which allow gel polish for a slick, solid result) are often the most expensive things you’ll need to complete your home setup. (For reference, both LED and UV lamps emit UV wavelengths, however LEDs tend to be more expensive, as they can cure faster and have a longer lamp life. like this one, which combines the two.) This UV LED style is courtesy of Liteland marked down to just $20 and despite its low price, there doesn’t seem to be any drop in quality. In fact, it has over 8,000 customer reviews and an average 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

According to the brand, the lamp is designed to cure nails 80% faster than other nail lights on the market, delivering a whopping 150 watts of power (plus two lower power settings in case they more suitable for your particular paint brand). It also features four timer settings and a smart low heat design to comfortably cure different layers, a clear LCD display, and an infrared smart sensor that turns on automatically when you put your hand inside – helping The machine is super customizable and simple to use.

“I bought this gel lamp specifically for its ‘Smart Temperature Protection’ setting,” wrote one reviewer. (the hot feeling on the nails when the UV gel cures too quickly, ouch!) By slowly increasing the intensity of the light.This gel light is also designed to treat a variety of UV/LED gels, which means it is a great affordable choice for professional and/or home use.”

Best of all, the nail lamp is lightweight and compact to move and has a 50,000 hour lamp life and a removable base so you can also apply gel nail polish with ease.

Buy Liteland’s LED nail lights, below, while the deal is still live.

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Liteland gel nail lamp


Buy now The Liteland LED Nail Lamp Is 38% off on Amazon Right Now – WWD

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