The concept art of Resident Evil 4 remake has been leaked

CapcomUpcoming Resident Evil 4 remake.

Follow Twitter account @BewareCreepyVAs, DC Douglas not only admitted, on a Twitch stream, that he would take on the role of Wesker in the Separate Ways section of the Resident Evil 4 remake, but Douglas also later shared concept art with fans privately via Twitter.

Despite allegedly telling fans to keep this concept art to themselves, images were quickly leaked, allowing us all to get a better look at Albert Wesker’s design for the show. only me.

Following this leak, DC Douglas has Facebook, stated to his fans that “I am not employed by Capcom for any RE games as of today.”

Douglas also shared a statement about Instagram, categorically denied the rumors. “I made no announcements, posted nothing, and repeatedly stated that I did not have any contract with Capcom (RE4 or otherwise),” Douglas asserted.

“I will not comment further on any RE4 rumors because I have 2 cats really need my attention. I look forward to the same RE4 news as the rest of you,” Douglas’ statement continued.

Despite the lack of any official announcement from Capcom, Resident Evil 4 the remake is definitely an incredible piece thanks to the success of the original game and previous Resident Evil remakes.

It is believed that the unannounced remake is being worked on by M-Two, a new game studio based in Osaka led by Tatsuya Minami, the former head of Platinum Games. The project is also said to have the blessing of the original Resident Evil 4 creator, Shinji Mikami. The concept art of Resident Evil 4 remake has been leaked

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