The best Black Friday gaming deals 2021


And don’t forget about PC games. For a visual upgrade to your entire field of view, this 34 inches monitor from MSI 70 dollars off. However, not everyone has that kind of desk space, so if you prefer a smaller area, By Asus VG278Q 27 inch screen is on sale for less than $200. A quality gaming keyboard, with customizable mechanical switches and programmable backlighting, can be one of the flashiest additions to any setup and if you’re wondering As for whether they’re worth the investment, NewEgg has some at every price very cheap this week. Selection Corsair K70 Keyboard to be $110, EVGA’s Z20 RGB Mechanical Keyboard marked down $60, save more than 60 percent, or you can lock in AUKEY’s KM-G12 model for below $30. The best Black Friday gaming deals 2021

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