Survivor 41 episode 10: Shan Smith voted out in epic blindside

Survivor 41 episode 8Tonight’s Survivor 41 episode featured the final eight players all doing their part to stay alive — and from the previews alone, we knew things would be getting nuts from the get-go.

It was clear that players like Xander, Erika, and Heather were somewhat on the outs; the real catalysts were, at least in our mind, people like Shan and Deshawn. They each realize how big of a threat the other one is, but they are also a part of the same four-person alliance. Do you make a move now, or wait to take each other out closer to the end?

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For a good portion of the episode tonight, it looked as though the plan was shifting to target Ricard. He won reward, and Danny used that time to rally Deshawn and Liana around a plan to take him out and keep it from Shan. However, Liana later told Shan about it, and then after that Ricard won immunity. At this point in the episode, everything was up in the air.

The big shock was that after the challenge, Ricard talked about getting out Shan! However, did things get too complicated with Erika wanting to split the vote? It felt like it, but they pulled it off! Shan left in the most dramatic blindside in recent memory. Shan is amazing, but this is an incredible move. Sure, Ricard may have hurt his chances of surviving the next few votes, but this isn’t about that: This was a play to win and it’s hard to know when he was going to have another chance to do this. It’s a move every Survivor fan could appreciate from the vantage point of going for the win.

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