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Super Crooks (Netflix) based on the 2012 graphic novel series Supercooks by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu. It’s a prequel to the plot presented there, giving a look at Johnny Bolt as a teenager whose electrical abilities have just emerged. Crass language and some offensive violence give a certain sense of maturity to Johnny’s otherwise standard problematic origin story, which could very well be the vibe of a series that seems to be rooted in self awareness.


Opening scene: A television station told us, in Japanese, of the Justice League, “an invincible team of the greatest heroes,” including the brave leader The Utopian and another hero named is The Flare.

Gist: Johnny Bolt is just a kid stuck in a no-nonsense town with a lost mother and nothing to look forward to but watching Union of Justice on TV and playing with his best friend, artist, and superhero. obsessed with his Tom. But things seem to start to take off when Johnny discovers, quite by accident, that he can control electricity with his mind. Of course he told Tom first, and balked by changing the traffic lights so he could cycle across the pedestrian crossing. And when you’re just a high school boy who bullies Mark picking mohawk-mulletted, it’s up to you to have an unexpected superpower so you can destroy his boombox when he screams “Something sounds like that.” like peeing will be very helpful! Hey, it’s those guys! “Listen, Mark.

Naturally, Mark’s girlfriend Janice is also Johnny’s dream girl. She said she once met a member of the Justice League in Oakland, California; She dreams of seeing a hero again. Tom and Johnny start prepping him for a super suit – sleeveless T-muscle, full sense of lightning bolted to a ski mask – and when summer rolls around, they plan the big reveal. Using his still-new electric powers, Johnny will move across the community pool and announce his guardianship across town. An electric current of almost hundreds of thousands of volts flows through the body of a child floating above a body of water full of children playing? What could go wrong?!

“Wow, that sucks,” said Tom gleefully after their failed big reveal. “It turned out like an EC horror comic.” The teenagers are uncertain about their next move, especially now that Johnny’s is entangled with some very serious injuries and significant secondary property damage. And that’s when he realized his power could also control ATMs…

What shows will it remind you of? Netflix has a lot of cartoon teenagers doing superhero things, in series like Edited version, Ajin: Demi-Human, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Dragon dogma.

Our Take: What begins as an origin story is no different from Marvel’s run with Tom Holland in the lead Spiderman The movies in which the average non-hero applies his new heroic mantle with the help of a pretty, lovable friend, becomes completely different once Johnny Bolt tries to take it down. knocking them all down with just what he was suddenly able to do. Practice makes perfect, or at least mastery, but Johnny and Tom are too busy using electrical power to wriggle free games at the video game counter and plan attractions. Janice so much that they never stopped to consider what impact a mistake could have. Apparently they never saw the transformer explode. As soon as the first episode of Super Crooks is drumming in one direction, it shifts in a dark humor that teases an entirely different feeling as the ten-episode series unfolds. And in a brief 20-minute period, a pop, Super Crooks also very aware of the limited attention span of the target audience.

Gender and Skin: Johnny Bolt’s mom is more about flirting with the electrician or her latest flirt than doing any kind of parenting.

Farewell shot: As Johnny and Tom sit and wonder what the aftermath of their destructive electrical experiment will be, the Electro Boy’s innate electrical control powers work their magic on a nearby ATM, right on the spot. immediately began spewing greenbacks. “Get a bag, Tom,” Johnny said with bright eyes. “A big one!”

Sleeper Star: Music in Super Crooks never too loud or overt, but makes himself more noticeable in the margins, whether it’s jazz rooted in jazz or a basic electronic pulse. There’s something nasty going on inside of it, and that’s what makes you realize.

Most Pilot-y routes: “Look at this,” Johnny said to his friend, and as he snapped his fingers, electric current flowed between the digits. “I know!” Tom said. “It’s definitely not static electricity. I know. You have awakened your heroic power. “

Our call: STREAM IT, especially if you are a fan of graphic novels Super Crooks be based on. Otherwise, the foul mouth and jarring violence of Kick in the butt will be a point of reference for this anime.

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