Square Enix Says NEO TWEWY Sales ‘Underperformed’

The Square Enix 2Q FY2022/3 Financial Results Briefing is in, and one game didn’t do as well as the company hoped. In 2021, NEO The World Ends with You launched. The sequel to the 2007 Nintendo DS game TWEWY, it once again sent people into a Reaper’s Game for their lives in Japan. However, in the report Square Enix noted that NEO TWEWY sales showed it “underperformed,” even though people who played it enjoyed it.

Here’s Square Enix’s full assessment of NEO TWEWY sales.

This is a breakdown for the Digital Entertainment segment. The HD Game sub-segment released Life is Strange: True Colors and NEO: The World Ends with You in 2Q. We have plans to release Life is Strange: True Colors for Nintendo Switch, as well as Life is Strange Remastered Collection in the near future. We are hoping for both titles to continue to sell well over the long term. While NEO: The World Ends with You was well received by users, it has underperformed our initial expectations.

NEO TWEWY is available on three platforms. At launch, it showed up on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Later in September 2021, it showed on the Epic Games Store for PCs.

As for NEO TWEWY sales, it is a part of at least one store’s Black Friday 2021 offerings. Best Buy announced people can get it for $29.99. Normally, the game is $59.99. However, that discount only applies to the PS4 version of the game.

NEO The World Ends with You is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Epic Games Store.

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