Smite announces the 2022 Community and Creator Cup

Smite Cups

Hi-Rez Showcase and accessories Smite The World Championships, are getting closer with both events scheduled to take place on January 6, 2022. Of course, fans can expect normal ticket prices from the online (still) event. ) – tournaments, cosplay contests, boards and the like. This year also offers a little extra on the tournament aspect. In addition to SWC, Hi-Rez has announced that they will be hosting two other tournaments, Community Cup and Content Creator Cup. Both offer cash prize pools – although the Content Creator Cup is for charity.

The Community Cup is open to all Smite players and will allow up to 256 teams to participate (128 NA and 128 EU). Register on a first-come, first-served basis, which means you don’t have to worry about qualifying, but you’ll have to register if you want. At the end of the tournament, the best NA team will face off against the best EU team for first and second place. Third place will be determined by classifying the runners-up of each region against each other. Because there will be many teams, each match will be determined by a round. And yes, as mentioned, there is a $20,000 cash prize. Registration begins on December 13.

For the Creators Cup, 20 creators will compete against each other in the new Season 9 Windfall Map for a chance to win a share of $35,000 for the charity of their choice. The tournament will take place over three days with the final taking place on January 9.

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