Sean McVay said the packages for Odell Beckham Jr. with Rams ‘in progress’

Kyle Terada-USA Sports TODAY

Goodbye weekend, Los Angeles Rams The coaching staff have a few more days to plan the match about the role of Odell Beckham Jr. in the upcoming crime. With Robert Woods losing the season, Beckham will have to fill the void in his absence – getting an opportunity he didn’t envision with Cleveland Browns.

Beckham had a limited play package for him on his Rams debut, scoring just two 18-meter catches on three goals in 15 seconds. What does head coach Sean McVay have in mind for his new receiver in the future?

He’s still doing it.

“I think it’s a work in progress,” McVay said Tuesday of the design packages for Beckham. “There’s some moving parts to that. What I don’t want to do is put him in some information and then you’re going to adjust and change. So I think you want to be able to build a foundation one by one. the right way, the lineup, all that, and then you need to be specific about how we execute the game plan.”

Beckham has only had 19 catches from 250 yards in seven matches this year, accounting for a no-touch ratio. The 13.2 yard/catch average is the lowest of his career as Beckham has played more than four games in a season, something McVay hopes will improve in the coming weeks – along with knowing scenario plays instead of bringing them into a group chat.

Having more than a few days with the Rams will help head into Sunday’s struggle with Green Bay Packers.

“I knew he was doing some work behind the scenes. But he was a smart, dedicated guy,” McVay said. “I think our goal is to make sure we have a proper plan in place to provide clarity to all of our players, especially Odell, just because he’s a newcomer. system family.

“But, there’s a lot of similarities in the way they speak and the vernacular they’re using in Cleveland. So that’s going to be helpful and it’s going to force us to be much tighter with our game plan. himself, which I think is a good thing, positive for us as well as the coaches.”

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