Ramsgiving makes a successful comeback with a new hunting ground

Cute costume bannerCute costume banner

Dauntless officially kicked off its Thanksgiving activities with the return of its annual Thanksgiving event along with a new Hunting Ground called Gruk-Gruk Rumble.

“For years, King Gruk of the nags has been imprisoned in an permafrost on Coldrunner Key. This year, there has been a widespread increase of nags on Shattered Island. These loathsome creatures have received wind of a special treasure buried in the sandy Hunting Ground of Conundrum Rock. They are frantically digging as they search for the key to thaw their King Gruk and restore power to their blameless leader. Stand your ground against the grumbling crowd rolling around in the Gruk-Gruk Rumble, a new permanent island event on Conundrum Rocks. ”

Particularly for this year’s Ramsgiving event, players will be able to participate in the usual sequence of activities to earn Golden Rams. Seasonal currency will be awarded to players who break the Behemoth’s head, complete the Bounty, and participate in the Gruk Gruk Rumble island event. Golden Rams can be redeemed for various Celebration-themed items and cosmetics from Ozz’s event store, including Benson’s Ramslammers striker skins, Ready to Ramble trophies, sigils, cloths, and firecrackers morning and other seasonal rewards.

Ramsgiving is live now and will run until November 30NS, while the new Gruk-Gruk Rumble Hunting Ground will stay on as a permanent addition to Conundrum Rocks. Event details can be found on Dauntless official website. Ramsgiving makes a successful comeback with a new hunting ground

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