Rain reveals he is leaving FaZe Clan in 2020 to start something in Norway

One of the longest serving FaZe Clan CS:GO members, Håvard “rain” Nygaard, has been part of their active lineup for almost six years now. Norwegian Rifler joined the organization in January 2016 and has been with them ever since.

Rain is considered one of the most effective entry-level pavers in the game, a name whose name has become synonymous with the North American organization over the years. So when the 27-year-old revealed he was thinking of leaving the team last year in 2020 to set up something of his own in Norway, in an interview with Fragbite, which is quite an exciting reveal for the CS:GO community!

Rain revealed that he was leaving FaZe Clan last year

The oldest member of FaZe Clan on the current active CS:GO roster, rain, recently revealed that he was thinking about leaving the organization last year.

He doesn’t feel like continuing FaZe according to Nikola “Niko” Kovač will be leaving G2 Esports. However, rain changed his mind when he discovered plans were being made to bring Finn . “karrigan” Andersen as the team’s new IGL (in-game leader).

If karrigan wasn’t on his way to FaZe, the entrant decided to return to Norway and form his own CS:GO Norwegian team. Rain is very serious about this, as he goes on to say that he has already started talks with a few Norwegians, discussing his plans.

While FaZe Clan didn’t have a stellar record this year, their run at the Stockholm Major was pretty impressive. It remains to be seen if the rain will stick around, as he mentioned that staying with FaZe might be the right choice at the time, “but eventually I will go back to Norway and try to shoot more scenes there while also grooming some young players”. Rain reveals he is leaving FaZe Clan in 2020 to start something in Norway

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