Plies says ‘We’re living in a country that has never really had an equal appetite’



Plies shares his views on equality and says ‘We live in a country that has never really had a craving for equality’

Plies took to social media to share his thoughts on the current state of the country. On a social media post, Real Hitta rapper talks about how the law in America was never meant to help black people. He started to say,

“I just had this conversation with someone. I said ‘man we live in 2021 under majority law written in the 1800s when slavery was at the center. So there can’t be anyone who leads me to believe that the laws that were written at the time were written to be fair to all.”

Plies go on and say,

“I know people say ‘oh if you want things to change, you need to vote at the local level.’ I’m not saying there isn’t some truth but what I’m saying is that we live in a country that has never really aspired for equality in this country so right now 2021, you know what we call Is patriotic in this country? When you fight for privilege… .when you fight for privilege, this country considers you a patriot. When you fight for equality, this country sees you as the bad guy. ”



He continued to say,

“Whoever wants to agree with that or disagree with it… I’m telling you my personal opinion about sitting back and enjoying the scenery. The only time you’re considered patron of this country is when you’re fighting for privilege. And now it wouldn’t make any difference if I told myself that they don’t allow white people at FAMU to get that wonderful pharmacy degree.. If I sit back and say ‘hmm.. that’s not true but it’s nothing. for me it’s their problem.. if they want to change that they need to go vote. ‘ That would say a lot about my personality from my point of view. ”

You can watch the full clip below.

He also replied to a social media user that:

“Millions of flies are talking about inequality.”

Plies Answer with:

“What’s different about me is that I’m not one of those people who has done well for themselves and feels like everyone else has to figure it out for themselves like I had to. I believe that your trying to be on the right side no matter what your circumstances is is what makes you a morally right person. I’m just trying to leave this place better than what I found! God bless!!!”


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