Lost Ark welcomes us to Arkesia in a brand new Lore video Introducing Us to the World


Roll-out towards launch continues for Lost beer keg with the release of a brand new lore video: The Story of Arkesia.

First, it’s Ark, the video begins, followed by the birth of Arkesia and Ark itself divided into seven parts scattered around the world. Those seven pieces are a big deal, as gathering them together to reform the Ark is key end the war and bring about a new peace. That should help you, since more than 500 years later, Arkesia is being threatened by the demonic army of Lord Kazeros once again. The goals are clearer now, as it takes a new group of heroes to discover the missing pieces of the Ark and bring them together now, with urgency.

The new lore video that takes us across Arkesia, from Rethramis, a starting point where you’ll learn new skills and abilities, and deal with some of the beautiful region’s monster problems. We’ll then have a full tour of the very diverse landscapes we can tour and learn more about in the game. Luterra, a kingdom of knights, a mountain range with icy and treacherous terrain, cannot avoid demon corruption. Tortoyk, the island home to the giant tortoises and the small race, the Macoo. All of these locations and many more are here for us to get our first real merchandise. look at these lands and their inhabitants.

The lore video does a great job of establishing some of the potential dangers of the terrain as well as the beliefs and practices among the peoples you’ll encounter along the way. It became clear that finding the pieces of the Ark and putting it all together to bring peace would be a daunting challenge. However, Smilegate RPG seems to have established a rich world for us to enter when Lost Ark launches on February 11.

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