Loonie Shares How And Why He Quit Smoking

Loonie shares what prompted him to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and switch to vaping in a new promotional video.

The FlipTop rapper noted that he decided to quit in April 2020 and cited the pandemic as a contributing factor to stopping since COVID-19 is a respiratory virus.

Loonie noticed how he easily gets winded during performances. “Before ako tumigil, nahihirapan akong i-deliver ‘yung mga verses ko, lalo na ‘yung mabibilis na verse… medyo hinihingal ako ‘don.” (Translation: Before I stopped, it got difficult to deliver my verses, especially the fast ones… I get breathless.)

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The same thing happens when he plays basketball, where it became increasingly hard for him to play longer. Loonie also mentioned that he didn’t want his kids to smell the smoke on him whenever he’s around them. He said all the satisfaction he gets from smoking just doesn’t compare with its dangers on his health. While he hasn’t entirely quit the vice, he turned to vaping instead as a more viable alternative.

Loonie is not the only FlipTop battle rapper who went cold turkey for health reasons and better performance. Apoc revealed in an August interview that he stopped smoking in 2019 and started working out. He said he was motivated after being breathless during his performances, sometimes just after two songs. “Doon ko rin na-test gaano ko kamahal yung ginagawa ko… I can let go of [smoking]” (That’s how I also realized how much I love what I’m doing), he added.

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Watch the full clip below (Tagalog):

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