LeBlanc players make an impressive escape from 5 enemies

In League of Legends, pentakill and other deadly plays aren’t the only ones worth highlighting. Sometimes, beating your opponent can feel like a movie.

ONE Reddit videos shows an impressive escape from a LeBlanc player, who nearly died several times but still evades returning to the fountain.

The video begins with LeBlanc getting stunned in the enemy jungle’s bot lane. The player appears to be dead at the beginning of the video, with four enemies closing in on them. They were also caught by Lux’s Light Binding (Q) while trying to go mid. Luckily for them, players have a Stopwatch ready, which they use to prolong their life.

When invulnerability ends, LeBlanc rushes out of Lux and Jinx’s trap as well as Poppy and Yasuo waiting to finish the champion. The cheat turns to the opponent’s bot lane, only to change direction thanks to his Distortion (W). The player eventually makes it to the mid lane, only to encounter the enemy Tryndamere.

The retreat continues. LeBlanc once again needed to change her plan to dodge the Barbarian King, while also unleashing Lux’s skill shots and Jinx’s Super Mega Death Missile (R) in the meantime. While the champion was trying to get to her jungle, she was caught off guard by Lucent Singularity (Lux’s E) and Summon Aery’s passive. This leaves LeBlanc with one health bar.

The player once again reactivates Distortion to outwit their enemies. They then use the explosive cone to hide in the bushes and attempt to recover back to base. However, Tryndamere did not give up on finding champions and hunting LeBlanc in the bushes.

Time to run again. LeBlanc used Distortion to flee to another bush, and the Barbarian King followed. Having lost track of the champion, the Deceiver used it again to return to the previous thicket and eventually knock away the pursuers.

LeBlanc players not only have an amazing bounce, but they also buy the team valuable time that can help them win the game.

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