Lady Gaga’s Gucci house character is even wild in real life

In Gucci house, Lady Gaga conveys a character so large that it seems impossible to be based on a real-life woman, even if all of the film’s promotional materials, plus Gaga herself, say so. What bare-bones skateboards full of trinkets, make-up and furs—making threats from Bond—the villain—error stirring espresso in St. Moritz and Godfather–As ordered (“Time to take out the trash”) while sitting by a golden fire? What kind of woman befriends her clairvoyant… and then enlists the clairvoyant to manage a blow to her husband?

But Patrizia Reggiani very much like a real-life woman, extremely colorful — beyond what’s depicted in the movie Gucci house—Said she became a depraved pop culture figure in Italy after ordering the murder of ex-husband Maurizio Gucci in 1995. (Reggiani is now free after 16 years service The sentence of 29 years in prison was reduced to 26 years on appeal.) In 1998 testing is tabloid fodder for a country tantalized by the intersection of wealth, fashion, and crime, and Reggiani actually dressed for that part, reportedly appearing in court in fur coat and high heels, with a fresh set of nails, even though she’s in jail during the trial. Nicknamed “Black Widow” by the Italian press, Reggiani did not help herself before the court of public opinion by releasing quotes from Marie Antoinette to the press—speech, on one infamous occasion, that she would rather “cry on a Rolls-Royce than be happy on a bicycle.”

Reggiani is such a brilliant character, it’s time to adapt Sara gay Forden2001 book The Gucci House: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Seduction and Greed because the Ridley ScottScreenwriter’s Film Roberto Bnkinggna said he found himself having to “soften” the character in the hope that audiences (at first, at least) might feel sympathy for the protagonist. He gave the film Patrizia a sensational plot involving a dominant mother and sketched out a character with her own weakness.

“If I start with her being a money-hungry gold digger, where do you go from there?” “We had to have the development of a character and a relationship,” she said [with Maurizio] It just makes more sense… It makes a lot more sense to let her get pushed around by her mother and create the feeling that she’s almost manipulated herself and it gives her a chance to get rid of an uncomfortable person in that world [of wealth] and in that skin to actually become a different character at the end of that time. “

Given the film’s timeframe — it ends shortly after Maurizio’s murder — Bnkinggna and his gang Gucci house Writer Becky Johnston there’s no need to deal with Reggiani’s real life during and after her jail time, during which time she relied on her notoriety. A few brief, witty examples:

  • In 2011, when she was first offered parole on the condition that she find a job, Reggiani turned down the offer, according to Guard. “I have never worked in my life and I have no intention of starting now,” she said told her attorney.
  • Years after her release from prison, she doesn’t necessarily regret it. “She said she enjoyed her time in prison, where she raised a ferret, helped inmates get their hair and nails done, and looked after the garden,” wrote. Guardians after an interview with Reggiani earlier this year.
  • Two years after she was pardoned, the same publication wrote, “One of her first acts of freedom was to go shopping on Via Monte Napoleone – Milan’s Bond Street – adorned with lavish jewelry. movie stars’ flip-flops and sunglasses, with a large pet parrot perched on her shoulder.”
  • A camera crew claimed to have captured Reggiani shortly after her release and asked her why she hired an assassin to kill her late husband instead of doing it herself. “My eyesight is not very good,” she replied, according to Guard. “I don’t want to miss out.” Lady Gaga’s Gucci house character is even wild in real life

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