‘It Grosses Me Out’: Internet Slams Man for Making Girlfriend Pay For Blood-Stained Sheets

The internet recently dragged a man who made his girlfriend buy new sheets when she got blood on them in a new viral post.

In the entry that has 10,000 upvotes, author u/throwaway195067 posted on the popular Reddit forum “Am I The A**hole” to get feedback on a recent fight he got in with his girlfriend.

He started off his story by explaining how the two moved in to an apartment together. She didn’t have much furniture so it’s mostly his belongings including a mattress, bed frame, and bedding. He also admitted that they are both neat freaks so it’s easy for them to live with one other.

The Redditor then elaborated on where things went wrong.

“Now I’m not one of those guys that gets grossed out over a woman having her menstrual cycle,” he said. “I’ve had sex with my girlfriend on lighter days with a towel down. I’ll go buy her feminine products. I don’t get weirded out if she mentions it. I will say though, it totally grosses me out getting on my bed though.”

In a blog post from mattress company Casper, there are many different ways to get blood stains out of sheets. One is to use a 1/2 hydrogen peroxide while soaking the sheets in cold water for 24 hours. Another is to dab the stain with cold water — but do not rub or use a washing machine.

The man said when he woke up, his sheets were covered. He asked her about it, but she didn’t wear any feminine products because she didn’t feel the need to.

“I told her that was absurd, why would you go without wearing anything and get blood all over my bed. I told her that was irresponsible and that she needed to pay me for new sheets,” he said.

She agreed to purchase new sheets, but was upset that he called her irresponsible.

“I said that she should’ve been more careful with where we sleep and that it was unhygienic,” he said.

In a few updates to the post, the man understood that he was insensitive to her feelings. When he told her that he would buy new sheets instead, it didn’t change anything. He didn’t want to wash the sheets and sleep on them.

“I did ask her to wear products every night until she knows it’s gone, and she called me ignorant, and had no right to suggest how she handles her period.”

After all of that, she took all her stuff to her moms house, indicating that their relationship was over.

Man and Woman Arguing
Pictured above, a man and woman are seen sitting on a couch, not speaking to one another.
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Reddit users had a lot to say in the comments defending the girlfriend.

“The fact he called period blood “unhygienic” … wtf OP. I hope she buys new sheets for her new bed and new partner,” u/pippypup wrote.

“And not for nothing, bit it’s not HIS bed anymore. They’re living together and sharing the same bed every night, it’s THEIR bed now. He needs to let go of the “mine vs yours” mentality real quick if he wants a functional cohabitation,” u/aboynamedrat said.

“Accidents happen. Stain remove. Wash the sheets and move on. You say your supportive, but you don’t really understand periods. She could have also worn a pad and had it leak. Or had her period stop and then Surprise! show back up for one more day after you think it’s done. That’s just what it’s like to have a period,” u/GFTurnedIntoTheMoon noted.

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