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Dzeko doubled the score to 2-0 and gave Inter Milan an important win over Shakhtar and they got through to the group stage after 10 years and with this win. Milan also became the top team in Group D. There were only 6 goals in the 6th minute thanks to Dzeko’s goal. Perisic & Darmian has been instrumental in transforming these goals.

Here are the player ratings for the encounter:-

Inter Milan

Handanovic (7.1/10): The Inter Milan captain excelled in most games and it was almost impossible to get past him. He made some good saves in the first half as Shakhtar created most of the attacking options.

Skriniar (6.8 / 10): Skriniar made some pretty good defences that kept Fernando from pulling many shots. He was particularly excellent at defending the defense for Inter Milan.

Ranocchia (6.4 / 10): Inter Milan’s CB made it difficult for Shakhar’s players by pushing forward and heading his head almost to score the goal.

Bastoni (6.1 / 10): Bastoni couldn’t put in as much effort as the other defenders but he made a good save 1-2.

Darmian (7/10): Darmian didn’t start well in the first half for Inter but played a part by pushing out the wings. He also participated in the opening table.

Barella (6.8 / 10): Barella made some good runs to get past the players and contribute in attack.

Brozovic (6.8 / 10): The Croatian midfielder was unable to make much of an impact but produced some good passes for Inter.

Calhanoglu (5.8 / 10): Calhnoglu has not been in the form expected today. He remains a great fit in the Inter midfield, where they created a number of chances together.

Perisic (8/10): Perisic controlled the wing of Inter with some great dribbling trying to get past defenders every time he had space. He provided a great assist for the second goal.

Dzeko (9/10): Dzeko was definitely the hero of the match as he scored 2 goals within 6 minutes of the gap.

Lautaro (6.2 / 10): The favorite player missed a number of opportunities and was unable to put his name on the scoreline. He made some good contributions to the attack.

Alternative products

Correa (5.6 / 10): Did not manage to make any impact upon entering the field. He tries to create some chances but has no chance to make a deep attack.

Vidal (5.4 / 10): The Brazilian couldn’t make much of a difference after coming on.

Ambrosio (5.4 / 10): He didn’t have much game time to let go of his performance when he came on in the closing minutes.

Sensi (5.3 / 10): Didn’t have much time to show off when being substituted minutes later.

Dimarco (5.3 / 10): Didn’t have much time to show off when being substituted minutes later.

Shakhtar Donetsk

A.Trubin (October 7): Shakhtar’s youth team keeper had a fantastic game as he made some great saves to deny Milan’s attacks in the first half but he was still unable to score. goal for Dzeko in the second half.

Matvienko (5.8 / 10): Matvienko did not provide effective support on the wing and could not play as well as expected.

Marlon (6.3 / 10): Marlon made some good defenses to save Martinez’s shot but he couldn’t stop Dzeko from scoring.

Vitao (6.2/10): Vitao defended well but got booked in the second half of the game. He had a good game overall.

Dodo (6.9/10): Dodo had a good overall performance for his team. He contributed superbly in defense and also created some good attacks, in which he almost scored but the ball hit the post.

Maycon (6.3 / 10): He had a pretty good game but still hasn’t been able to reach his full potential.

Stepanenko (5.8/10): Shakhtar’s captain was unable to make some good impact in the match. He was substituted later for Marcus Antonio, at half-time.

Tete (5.5 / 10): Tete had a poor game as he failed to make an effort on the flanks and lost control of the ball most of the time.

Pedrinho (6.1 / 10): He created some good spaces in the first half but the connection was not good.

Solomon (5.7 / 10): Solomon cannot make a big impact on the match. He still creates space from the wings to coordinate attacks.

Fernando (5.8 / 10): The Brazilian had good coordination in the first half but could not open the scoring for Shakhtar.

Alternative products

Marcus Antonio (5.8 / 10): Antonio couldn’t get out of his mind when the second half started. He looked almost lost when he couldn’t stop Inter’s attacks.

Bondarenko (5.5 / 10): Bondarenko made a bad start as he came on for Pedrinho. He couldn’t make much of an impact on the game.

Mudryk (6.0 / 10): He joined the attack shortly after coming on but still didn’t get a chance to take a shot.

Marlos (5.4 / 10): Not much game time.

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