Harry Potter Wizards Merge November Community Day Weekend Guide (All Quests and Rewards)

Not many Community Day events left for Harry Potter Wizards Unite previous player the game stops working in January 2022, so witches and wizards certainly won’t want to miss the lengthy festivities taking place this weekend.

There was a two-day Community Day event in October and now it’s Harry Potter Wizards Unite The group will be back again with another extended event to take advantage of the long weekend. Many of the usual CD features and rewards will be available and players will have a little longer time than usual to enjoy the activities and complete their quests.

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For now, it might be wise to start preparing for next week’s big event. Activities of Community Day November 2021 at Harry Potter Wizards Unite There is no official theme, but will give players a greater chance to find some baby beasts. There will be plenty of fun Gear to get again, and players can expect some fun rewards if they manage to complete the day’s quests. Event quest rewards will include Potions, Spellbooks, Materials, and the Book of DADA. That should provide plenty of incentive to log in and power through the short list of challenges while the Community Day event is happening.


November Community Day in mobile AR gaming begins on Wednesday, November 24 and lasts 48 hours until 11:59 p.m. local time on Monday, November 29. Normally, players will have the entire event window to enjoy the event rewards and complete limited-time activities to earn some powerful rewards along the way.

The event will feature an exclusive list of quests and rewards that provide a great collection of completion rewards for players who manage to work through the full roster. The missions aren’t particularly challenging this time around, and players who are willing to log in when the event starts and spend a few hours in the game completing fairly casual activities for the duration of the event will. well done before the Monday deadline…

October Community Day Quests and Rewards

Use Master Notes 4 times 3 Strong Stimulants

Defeat 20 enemies in the Witch Trial 3 Sharp Grinder

Cast 10 Spells (or better) 50 Gold

Return 10 50 gold Baby Mooncalf castings

Return 10 Castables for China Fireball Baby 5 Silver Keys

Return 5 Winged Abraxans from Portkeys 5 Healing Potions

Return 8 Baby Phoenixes by Taking Care of Magical Creatures Runestones 3 Powerful Potion Exstimulo

Completion Reward

3 Book of Defense Against the Dark Arts

3 Spelling Books

60 gold

500 wizard experience points

30 Magic Energy

Event effects and bonuses

A List of Community Day Specific Tasks will be in your Special Missions tab!

Increases visibility of all Baby Monsters:

-Baby Mooncalf

– Baby Troll

– Baby Cerberus

-Chinese Baby Fireball

– Baby Hippogriff

-Baby Mandrake

-Baby Niffler

-Norwegian Ridgeback

-Baby Unicorn

Baby Phoenix Shard is guaranteed after winning the Wizarding Trials in Forest IV and higher when using the Care of Magical Creatures Runestone.

Increases Wizard XP, Challenge XP, and Magic Energy Rewards when doing a Witch Trial.

Special 1km Portkeys have XP prizes for Family Care of Magical Creatures and Abraxan Winged Horses.

Another special 1km Portmanteau featuring an exclusive 1920s Wizarding World Encounter bonus!

Those details will include everything players need to know to get ready for the big event before the game even begins. Community Day event usually becomes one of the most popular in-game carnivals each month, thanks to its powerful rewards and casual player-friendly features, so there’s no reason to doubt this one will be different.

As any additional bonuses or rewards are revealed during the event, we will be sure to post an update. Be sure to check back in the coming days for more Wizards Unite Strategy guide, news and updates in the last days of the game. Until then, keep your wand at the ready!

Harry Potter: Merge of Wizards currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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