Halle Berry’s New Netflix Movie Is The Return Fans Have Been Waiting For


Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry came back great with Bruises, and people everywhere are cheering for her performance.

The film also marks Berry’s directorial debut.

Bruises tells the story of Berry as he is beaten to death by UFC fighter Jackie Justice, who are forced to take their lives back together when he discovers his estranged underage son has lost his father.

The movie “the big fight,” where an athlete must atone for his sins and regain his fighting form, is a rather grueling Hollywood movie, but Berry manages to shock some life into this genre.

“Her direction is responsive and solid, and her lead performance doesn’t detract one bit from that star quality – at the same time weak and overwhelmingly strong – that helped her. won an Oscar for “Monster’s Ball”. The only reason you would love this hot mess of one person is that Berry is the one to play her,” wrote NY Post critic Johnny Oleksinski.

Check out the trailer below.

Understandably, people are here for it.

People are special here for the fight scenes.

She’s in better shape than we are and she wants us to know that.

UFC President Dana White gave Berry a personal thank you for the film, congratulating Berry on her directorial debut.

Berry tweeted about the film and encouraged women not to give in to social norms, writing “Who says you can’t kick your ass at 55?”

One viewer called it Berry’s best work, which is saying something as she took home the Academy Award for Best Actress Monster’s Ball.

Berry is starting the cover of Women’s Health and Sports Illustrated this month.

The film also has a kiss that heats up everyone’s TV.

Berry and Cardi B was the film’s first female hip-hop soundtrack.

Bruises Now showing in theaters and streaming on Netflix. What do you think? Did the movie succeed or fail? Let us know in the comments below. Halle Berry’s New Netflix Movie Is The Return Fans Have Been Waiting For

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