God of War The Stranger: Who was the first Boss?

Who is the stranger in God of War? This is a question you might ask after playing through the introduction to Kratos’ latest journey. You barely learn the controls when you’re hit by the first boss: the stranger. He’s covered in Runic tattoos, and he clearly knows who Kratos is even though we’ve never seen him in any of the God of War games before.

Below we’ll tell you who the stranger is, but be warned. The identity and relationship of the first boss with Kratos and other characters in the game is a big story. By reading through the warning below, you’ll learn who the stranger in God of War is, including his name and how he fits into the story.

Who is the Stranger in God of War?

God of War Stranger Identity Baldur

God of War Stranger Identity Baldur

A big hint about the stranger’s identity in God of War is that no matter how much you beat him, he won’t give in. The Norse gods weren’t all-powerful, and Kratos hitting a stranger was utterly brutal. However, the stranger walked away as if it were nothing, and caused Kratos to split the earth with his body before he retreated.

The only god in Norse mythology (in fact) who is not physically harmed is Baldur, and that is the Stranger. In classical Norse mythology, Baldur is depicted as the god of light and joy. In God of War, however, he is anything but light-hearted and playful.

The Stranger and Kratos . God of War

The Stranger and Kratos . God of War

Baldur is the son of Odin and Freya, and he is nominally the bad guy of the God of War. However, he is not the leading dog of Asgard, and both Thor and Odin hold more power over the realms than he does.

Baldur’s story is primarily a tragic one, and part of his rage comes directly from his powers. When he became invincible to any physical harm, that took away his ability to perceive. Since his mother Freya was the one who cast the spell on him, he felt nothing but rage towards her and frustration at not being able to experience any form of pleasure.

Throughout your journey, Baldur will try again and again to take down Kratos and Artemus. Although it seems at first he was working under Odin’s orders; then it was his rage that made him attack you again and again. The rest we will let you find out for yourself.

That’s all we have about the stranger in God of War. Our test Game Center for more information. God of War The Stranger: Who was the first Boss?

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