Get your golden party hat to celebrate the end of RuneScape’s 20th anniversary activities

RuneScape Golden Party Hat

It’s time to put on your Party Hat and celebrate the end of RuneScapeCelebrating 20 years of establishment. Wait, you don’t have a Party Hat? You mean you didn’t play in 2001 when hat were given out as a bonus for the game’s first Christmas event and have never been offered since, which has led to them being seen as a status symbol and worth billions of gold pieces. ?

Jagex is correcting that oversight by making the new Golden Party Hats available again in a new event, aptly titled Golden Party Hat Hunt. The event runs until January 3, after which Jagex says “they’ll never be around to make money again!” Uh-huh, that’s what you said 20 years ago!

And no, we weren’t exaggerating on the price. In 2015, an original Party Hat hit the maximum possible amount on the RuneScape Grand Exchange: 2.1 billion gold. The Grand Exchange itself is transformed into a “Yellow Hat Winter Wonderland” for the duration of the event.

Also new to RuneScape today is the fourth and final installment of the anniversary quest, Once Upon A Time, start in january and give out another party hat. Players can visit three locations that offer a glimpse into the future, receiving all kinds of treasures for their efforts. And, if it’s real-life treasures you crave, there are still copies of the 20th anniversary illustrated book. available from Dark Horse for $39.99.

Learn more about the Golden Party Hat Hunt quest on the RuneScape site.

Jason Winter

Jason Winter, News editor
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