Free MLB Dealer Tracker: Latest Hot Stove Updates as Steven Matz Joins the Cardinals; Verlander re-up with Astros

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Major League Baseball’s free agent period is officially open. While the possibility of a lockdown coming on December 1 (when the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires) could cause activity to be halted for an indefinite period, the teams are looking to add to the roster. My books are starting to shop.

Eduardo Rodriguez became the first top 20 player to sign, when he signed a five-year contract with the Tigers on November 15, Noah Snydergaard and Justin Verlander quickly followed. Steven Matz and Anthony DeSclafani signed on before Thanksgiving, landing with the Cardinals and Giants, respectively.

We’ll be using this space to track our top 50 for free during the winter, out of work or otherwise. As we noted when those rankings were published, “the order is based on a combination of expected impact and annual mean.” You can click here to find those rankings in their original form, complete with player analysis.

Below you’ll find our tracker, complete with players, their rankings, their last team, and their new team. We will update this information throughout the season.

2021-22 MLB free agent tracker

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