Fortnite Chapter 2 reaches ‘The End’ in early December

It’s been a long road for Fortnite Chapter 2, but everything is still in the end coming to an end. And such. The time for the long-awaited finale of the chapter is upon us, bringing to an end the Queen of the Cube and her sinister intrigues. Just like most other chapter events, the End is a one-and-done. After you play it, it will go into the vault of time, you don’t have to see it’ gain. Or a less classic way of saying it. So grab your favorite guns, a lawn chair and a bucket of digital popcorn in preparation for the final act of a desperate cube unfolding.

The End event will kick off on December 4 at 4 p.m. ET, which is just about a week and a half away. It marks the last position of anything Fortnite the player calls himself against the Cube Queen. Fortnite Combat aircrafts? Busfolk? Convergence has been seen through and the Queen of the Cube is delivering what she considers the final blow. It’s up to you and the other 15 on your party to bring the fight to the Sideways. Playlists can be queued up half an hour before they start, so you have plenty of time to prepare. Also, make sure to edit your settings if you need to before starting the event. Once it starts, it will be too late.

Beginning Ending in Chapter 2 of Fortnite

The season will end a day earlier, so any player who logs in before the season ends will get 225,000 XP for solving their problem. Joining The End will also give players a special wrap and loadout. Don’t forget to take care of any loose ends of the season, so make sure to complete all your unfinished quests and grab any stellar rewards before they disappear into the ether. as soon as the finale is over. The bars will also become null, so make sure to spend them before spending, it shouldn’t be too difficult, as there will be a special sale for a short time, which will give discounts on character services and exotic trade items.

From November 26 to November 29, there will also be a power leveling weekend, so crush if you want. And remember, Chapter 3 can begin sooner than you think.

Fortnite Bryson DeChambeau Pack Fortnite Chapter 2 reaches ‘The End’ in early December

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