Final Fantasy XIV All Saint’s Wake Event Brings Some Spooky January


Final Fantasy XIV is launching an unusual version of its seasonal calendar with the All Saints Wake festival starting January 20. Yes, this is usually a Halloween event, but the timing is weird, and better late than never, right? Well, it depends on how much you like clowns.

While the game continues successfully after Endwalker‘S released last month and the Square Enix team is continuing to work to help with capacity issues and possibly restore access for new players as well as existing community members, events continue.

All Saints Wake: Death and Dining at the Phantoms’ Feast is a seasonal event that lets you consider a terrifying situation. The event is open to anyone level 15 and up who has completed the quest “It’s probably a Pirate” and registered with an Adventurer’s Guild investigator to help.

The event starts on January 20th and runs through February 2nd, so there’s plenty of time to complete the required quests and claim your rewards. The 2022 version includes two missions, “All Clowns Wake Up” and “A Holiday to Remember”. When you complete these spooky events before the event officially ends, regardless of the actual season, you’ll be able to get rewards like Clown Sets if you so desire. love to dress up as some of the world’s greatest horror entertainers.

It may no longer be really spooky season but you can make it go on all year long with some ghosting for your home. You’ll also be able to get the Haunted Pumpkin set and the stuff in the Pumpkin Vase. On top of that, you’ll get a copy of Modern Cosmetics Clowning Around that lets you unlock the face paint at the beautician so you can complete your transformation with some spooky clown face paint.

For more, go to event page ended at Final Fantasy XIV. Final Fantasy XIV All Saint’s Wake Event Brings Some Spooky January

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