Farming Simulator 22: How to mow, bale, make hay and silage

Grass is one of the most versatile species Crops in Farming Simulator 22. It can be found almost anywhere and grows in the gaps between fields, meaning that mowing and baling can be a great use of player time as they wait for plants. Their planting grows. The player can even use it to make hay or silage, both of which benefit livestock farmers.

How to mow and bale in Farming Simulator 22?

Farming Simulator 22 Grass Mow makes silage bales

Farming Simulator 22 Grass Mow makes silage bales

The player can mow the lawn in Farming Simulator 22 by purchasing or renting a lawn mower attachment for a tractor or by purchasing a specialized mower. Each lawn mower has a different mowing pattern, and the more expensive models tend to allow the player to cut the lawn over a larger area.

The tilled grass is pulled from the mower into large piles. These piles can then be cleared up with a precision jacking forage harvester or a truck trailer. The loose grass can then be stored in the silo.

In addition, players can use Windrower to arrange grass into rows that are easy to pick up. Then grass bales can be produced by collecting it with a baler. However, if a player plans to do hay, they should not pull the weeds right away. Also, note that each baler produces a package of a specific size and shape. The size and shape of the package will affect whether the Package Collector or the Parcel Bag can be used.

Obviously, this process is much faster in Multiplayer. On single farms, the effort may not pay off.

How to make hay and silage

Players will need to process additional grass to produce Grass and silage in Farming Simulator 2022.

To create Hay Bales, players should:

  • Use Tedder on loose lawn to turn it into hay.
  • Use Wind Slash on hay for easier picking.
  • Picking up Good with Baler

To create Silage, players can:

  • Pick up loose grass and put it in the silage silo, then compact it with a leveling machine.
  • Use Bale Wrapper on loose grass bales.

The silage is useful as fodder, sold at a biogas plant, or used as a Total Mixed Diet, the best feed available for livestock. Farming Simulator 22: How to mow, bale, make hay and silage

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