Epic Games Store Black Friday 2021 sale begins

It’s the third week of November, and you know what that means. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, stuffing are all on the table. Did I mention cramming? Of course, for those on a tight budget, it’s also sales and bargain week, which happens every year. And this year will be no different. Among TVs and blenders, game sales are on the rise. The Epic Games Store has started celebrating Black Friday 2021, bringing in sales for hundreds of games and even some of the recently released games, such as Darkest Dungeon II.

Good, exit may not be the appropriate term. Darkest Dungeon II launched into early access nearly a month ago, sending players new and old into a new wave of tension. The game is set for $29.99 USD, but it will be discounted during the Epic Games Store’s Black Friday 2021 sale. It’s not much at the 10% drop, but it should make the decision to dig into its bleak depths a bit, well, less stressful. But only a little.

In addition, the sale includes many other games, new and old. There are a handful of recently released games that are on sale for less. Far Cry 6 Standard version has 17% off, raising its price to $49.79 USD. Back to 4 health, the excellent successor The remaining 4 people died series, 30% discount%. Kena: Bridge of Spirits by Ember Lab is being sold for 10% off at $35.99 USD. And finally we have Riders Republic, this will give 25% off to $44.99 USD. That’s a good list of some new, well-received games. And really, there’s nothing like slaughtering the waves zombie Horseback riding with friends during the holiday season.

Update 2 Back 4 Blood

Grab a bat, some shoots and get ready to dive in Back to 4 health.

Epic Games Store – Black Friday 2021

Of course, there are plenty of other games on sale. Some exclusives include Sound Color: Ultimate, which i really like because I’m a big Sonic nerd. Also because it’s good. Check out the rest at the Epic Games Store. The sale ends on 11/30. Epic Games Store Black Friday 2021 sale begins

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