Days Gone Director Says Final Boss Fight Was ‘Horrible’

Over the life of the PS4, a number of first-party AAA action-adventure games have been released. This includes titles like new God of War game, Uncharted 4and Horizon: Zero Dawnall of which were commercially and critically successful. Not every Sony first-party IP sees this acclaim, with one of the most polarizing being 2019 Day by day. Many critics and fans praised the game, where it received average reviews at launch, especially compared to other games released at the time. A former director of the game, Jeff Ross, spoke about various aspects of the game, including design of Day by day.


Ross was quite vocal about the reception and discount Day by day over the past few weeks, especially for PlayStation first-party games Ghost of Tsushima. He also revealed various aspects of his time at Bend Studio, including the failed pitch for the sequel, various ideas he wanted to work on with it, and himself. game. One of his latest comments on Day by dayHis development includes how he feels about the boss fight and how badly they ended in the final product.

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Speaking to USAToday, Ross revealed that many of the bosses in the game are badly designed and work within the system of what they have. He points out Skizzo, one of the game’s final bosses, as “terrible” in his own words. Given the limitations his team faced, he also said that scripting the game’s AI was also a huge challenge, especially in regards to maintaining the atmosphere. An example includes Day by dayThe stealth sections, in which they were programmed to a degree of “shot in sight” but had trouble not letting the player end up in an invincible gunfight.

Days passed from zombies

Different things limit Day by day included the budget and how it affects the overall pacing. Ross said that all of the cinematic cutscenes and voiceovers were done early in production, and they had to implement it into the game in some way. This includes no reshoots or material cuts that have been produced for the game, which in turn will affect boss fights. He notes that some segments are not interesting and are designed to be minimal, but also need to be connected to the overall story of the game without any exceptions.

Ross points out that given the opportunity, many of the game’s poor aspects could be improved with sequel of Day by day. This includes not only the gameplay mechanics of Day by daybut other parts like Deacon and Sarah’s relationship and their story. However, with Ross leaving Bend Studio in 2020 coupled with Sony’s disinterest in continuing this IP, it’s unlikely that fans will get a sequel.

Day by day currently available for PC and PS4.

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The source: USAToday

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