Cincinnati makes history in latest CFP rankings, plus No. 1 Gonzaga shows vs. No. 2 UCLA

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Fourth edition of College football Playoff rankings was released last night. Ohio State climbs two places to 2nd while Cincinnati finally breaks into the top four. That position is huge for Cincy, because they are The first Five Teams in history to win a spot in the top four of the standings.

Let’s break down the movement in the chart:

  • Last weekend, Buckeyes defeated the state of Michigan, 56-7, to convince the College Football Playoff voters that they deserve a spot in the coveted top four. Ohio State It’s now 10-1.
  • Moving on to the Bearcats, they became the first Group of Five team to break into the top four of the College Football Playoff Leaderboard. Their resume includes a Record 11-0 and two Power Five wins. It will be difficult to knock them out of the top 4 if their remaining matches are won. Difficult…but not impossible.

The latest rankings are especially important because, historically, no team outside of 7th place has made it to the playoffs so far. So with such a meaningful top seven at this point in the season, Let’s take a look at the top seven teams:

For the full ranking, click here.

Honorable mention:

NFL Power Rankings: Cardinals Back on Top

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Ours NFL the writer has the difficult task of understanding all of the shockers, losers and underdogs we’ve seen this NFL season… and then turn them into Weekly Power Rankings. Last week, many people were surprised by Colts beat Bills 41-15, NS Vikings against rival Packers, NS The Bears are about to defeat the Crow, NS The Texans somehow defeated the Titans and The saint defeated the eagle.

So yeah, there were definitely some crazy results over the weekend

This week in the Power Rankings, The loss of bills affects them the most. They dropped the furthest, dropping 8 places to 11th. Meanwhile, The Eagles rose 8 places and are now sitting in 18th place.

The following is The top 10 teams for Week 12 and how far have they moved:

  • Number 1: Cardinals, increased by three positions
  • Number 2: Rams, up four ranks
  • Number 3: Packer, move down two positions
  • Number 4: Titans, move down two positions
  • Number 5: Buccaneers, move up two positions
  • Number 6: Crow, move up two positions
  • Number 7: Patriots, move up two positions
  • Number 8: Captain, move up two positions
  • Number 9: Charger, move up two positions
  • Number 10: Colts, up four places

Of all the results, I was most impressed with Colts, who exposed the Invoices. Indianapolis’s victory has other meanings, such as moving Patriots take top spot in AFC East and elevates Bills to second in the division.

For a complete list of standings and the latest commentary on each team, visit click here.

What MLBPA wants in new CBA

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December 1 used to seem so far away, but we are fast approaching the date the current collective bargaining agreement expires. The CBA is what governs nearly every aspect of the working relationship between players and team owners in MLB.

Expired CBA can mean lock something we’ve seen in the tournament before. Lockdown is not a guarantee, of course, and negotiations are ongoing… but there’s not much time left to come to an agreement before the current CBA expires. Owners are expected to lock players on Dec 1st or Dec 2nd until new CBA is created.

The lockdown could end before the start of the 2022 season, but it could always affect the season if things don’t move fast enough between both sides. And speaking of both sides, each has different agendas.

Let’s see what side players are looking for in negotiations, with permission from our MLB scribe, Dayn Perry:

  • A revived free agent: One way to change today’s slow-growing freelance markets is to lower the freelance threshold. Changing what equals a year of league time could be one way to make this a reality.
  • A shorter timeline for younger players getting paid: The current salary structure places more value on tenure than ability and although younger players tend to perform better than older players, they are paid less. Raising the minimum wage could help bring in more money for young players.
  • Tanking is not recommended: Players want owners to compete. Change the way the draft order is determined so that teams don’t get a better draft position because having a bad season would be a start.

For more on what MLBPA wants in the new CBA, click here.

Champions League Summary: Chelsea dominate Juventus

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We talked a lot about football today, so let’s talk about some future. The Champions League group stage is coming to an end. Lucky for you, you can catch all the rest of the action on Supreme +.

Yesterday, on Michael Carrick’s debut, Manchester United were able to win with the goals of Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho in the last 12 minutes of the match. Chelsea is another club that took the win on Tuesday, with a 4-0 victory over Juventus.

This is other scores of the day:

  • The defeat of Bayern Munich. Dynamo Kyiv 2-1
  • Manchester United beat. Villarreal 2-0
  • Young Boys draw Atalanta 3-3
  • Chelsea’s defeat. Juventus 4-0
  • Lille defeated. Salzburg 1-0
  • Barcelona draw with Benfica 0-0
  • Loss to Seville. Wolfsburg 2-0
  • Malmo FF draw with Zenit 1-1

What we’re watching on Wednesday

And since we won’t be talking again until Monday, here’s what’s on Thursday’s chart:

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