Chapter 2 of Fortnite will end in the final event Aptly titled “The End”

Fortnite The End

It’s almost time to end it all FortniteChapter 2. Convergence is complete and the Queen of the Cube is ready to complete her plan, but there is still time to stop her and everything will become reality on December 4 at 4 pm Eastern when the player has one chance – and only one chance – to defeat the Cube Queen and save the island.

In-game event, titled “The End” is one of Fortnite’s must-dos, which means if you miss it, you’ll miss it and you’ll only have to watch a video from someone who’s been there. With that in mind, Epic encourages players to plan ahead. Gather up to 15 other players to line up and sign in 30 minutes in advance to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Since “The End” is the official finale of Season 2, there may be some things you’ll want to get rid of if you haven’t done so because if you don’t, the associated bonuses will disappear. That includes things like completing the Block Queen Page quests, completing collections to unlock styles, and trading in any Battle Stars you may have to get some pieces. reward.

If you don’t feel you’re level enough to participate in this event, Epic will support you there. Starting November 26, a power-up event will be available. The event runs until November 29, so you should be good to go to the end of it, as long as you take advantage.

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