Call of Duty: Vanguard – Best M1 Garand Loadout

Initially, the M1 Garand was not the most impressive of the marksman rifles in the country Call of Duty: Vanguard. It has average stats compared to the other two and is nothing special at first glance. But diving into the gun reveals something remarkable.

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Regardless of whether it hits the head or shoots the limbs, M1 Garand only needs two consecutive shots to knock down the opponent. This is a considerable amount of damage Call of Duty: Vanguard players should not dismiss. With the right payload, those two hits shouldn’t be too hard to land.



Call Of Duty Vanguard Daniel offers fire protection with an M1 . garage

People who have gone to work unlock all operators will be properly rewarded for their work. Daniel lists the M1 Garand as his favorite weapon, it’s more than just a personal flare piece. While using it, he will gain experience for both himself and M1 Garand.

Granted, at max level the operator holding the weapon wouldn’t be a problem. But upgrading a gun is notoriously time-consuming, and some of these reloading options greatly improve the weapon’s performance. Daniel makes the process of capturing these ideal attachments much faster.


Call Of Duty Vanguard Preview M1 Garage Before Unlocking

muzzle Stabilizer F8
Bin CGC Ironsides
optics M19 4.0x Flip
share Chariot S3 TC
Tadpoles Carver Foregrip
Journal .30-06 16 Round drum
Ammo type Lengthen
Rear handle Hard handle
Ability Hardscope
Kits Fully loaded

M1 Garand is one of the most underrated weapons of all weapons start because many players want to get close or use a full-fledged sniper rifle. But in many ways, the M1 Garand is better than its sniper rifle cousins.

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First, consider that this gun has no horizontal recoil, so players will only have to worry about going up and down when aiming that second shot. In addition, with these attachments, the player can hit any part of the body twice and take it down, so there is no need to force anything further to improve the quality of the shot.

Secondary Weapon

Call Of Duty Vanguard Launcher Preview MK11

There’s a reason players are enamored about the MK11 Launcher. Many people are using it as a trick-shooter, but it’s unbelievable in a mid-range incident. Obviously, the M1 Garand is better on distance, but the ideal situation is not always within reach.

M1 Garand loses its advantage as the enemy gets closer. When ranged combat becomes mid range, use the MK11 Catapult and simply light up the field. It will be useful for achieve the achievement “Please Book Tickets”, but its usefulness in multiplayer should not be underestimated.

Exclusive right

Call Of Duty Vanguard Read The Cold Blooded Perk 1 Description

Perk 1 Cold blooded
Perk 2 High vigilance
Perk 3 Tactician

Perks add an element to the multiplayer experience. Since they are not available in one the number of campaign missionsThey may feel like window dressing, but they are an integral part of any activity. Cold Blooded gives the player stealth to kill targets, necessary because this weapon doesn’t rely on stealth.

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Many fights often turn into sniper shootings. To win these wits, High Alert will let players know when someone they can’t see has them in their field of vision. And Tactician provides players with a non-stop supply of tactical slot add-ons, which are also useful for self-defense.

Deadly slot

Call Of Duty Vanguard Description of the lethal Gammon Bomb

Different versions of the game have different rewards in the game, but each version will have quick access to the Gammon Bomb. It may not seem like a great utility for the M1 Garand, but it is very useful in times of fierce melee.

Between the M1 Garand and the MK11 Launcher, players will be able to handle mid-range and long-range encounters. This causes them to show up at close range, but the Gammon Bomb can solve this problem with its instant detonation. The radius is huge and can harm the player, but it’s better to be a free killer.

Tactical Slots

Call Of Duty Vanguard A Look At S-Mine Tactics 44

Stun mines are a barrier for enemies attacking behind enemy lines, trying to score some easy kills against ranged opponents. Some use speed, others use stealth, and many combine the two. M1 Garand cannot target two places at once.

To stop these opponents, plant S-Mine 44 around. Thanks to the Tactical perks, players will have plenty and they should be placed freely. They will help teammates score some easy kills and slow down shotgun and SMG warriors. The M1 Garand can also take advantage, just aim in the direction of the explosion and fire twice.


The description of Call Of Duty Vanguard about Glide Bomb's Killstreak Bonus

  • Care package

  • Glide Bomb

  • Emergency Airdrop

The Care Pack and the Emergency Airdrop are almost undeniably the best options for backline fighters. The Care Pack has a 92% chance of getting a killstreak bonus equal to or greater than the four kills you need to unlock. The Emergency Airdrop increases it up to 100% per pack.

M1 Garand can’t cover the entire map with fire, so Glide Bomb will take care of the rest. It’s safe to play against enemies on the opposite side of the map, which spoils their fun and forces them to move or die. Given the large radius of the explosion, it sometimes forced them to do both.

Upgrading the scene

Call Of Duty Vanguard Read description of tactical insert field upgrade

Not every place is the perfect place to shoot. The land is high, has many roofs and few entrances, so it is difficult to pass through. So when the map has an ideal sniper spot, M1 Garand should make sure it gets there as quickly and as often as possible.

Tactical inserts allow players to determine where they will appear next, be it at the same sniper spot or a different one. Keep in mind that the M1 Garand requires two shots to kill, so make sure to pick a spot with plenty of open territory for target practice.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5, 2021, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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