Brawl Stars Club League Update and Changes for November 24

Brawl Stars Club League mode’s new update makes it more forgiving for the first weeks of launch to help players get to know the new mode in peace.

Last Wednesday, Supercell officially launched the Club League game mode on Brawl Stars. This is a brand new high-tier competitive mode for Brawl Stars that functions similar to Weekend League mode in Electronic Arts’ FIFA or Madden titles.

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Blub League is only available from Wednesday through Monday morning, and you can only enter the league if you have already achieved 900 Trophies in the Trophy Road.

Today, the mode spends its second week, but prior to the launch of Club League, Supercell has applied some improvements during maintenance to ensure a smooth experience for players this weekend.

Brawl Stars | Supercell Make Trailer

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