Blake Moynes Loves Katie Thurston’s New Relationship


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Katie Thurston’s “12 days of mayhem” is over, but the real mayhem has just begun. The day after the former Bachelorette announced that she was in a new relationship, her ex-fiance Blake Moynes is speaking, and he has some notes.

Blake proposed to Katie in an epic session Bachelorette The finale aired in August. At the end of October, they announced their separation. And on Tuesday, November 23, Katie officially goes on Instagram with her new boyfriend, John Hersey, a man she actually sent home for the second week of the season. Needless to say, Bachelor The country was shaken. And so, it seems, is her ex.

“I’m still trying to process it,” he said in an interview with Speak out audio file. Blake told the host (and co-worker Bachelorette alums) Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo that he discovered Katie’s new relationship at the same time as the others. “There’s speculation, but I really don’t think there’s a way, just based on the timeline,” he added, saying he’s still trying to “find out” what happened and when. Her relationship with John begins.

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“You know, ’12 Days of Messy,’ which I didn’t sign up for, but stuck with it, like everyone else. It started 12 days ago – I’m sure she probably knows what day 12 is and who it will be and why,” he said. Basically, Blake’s theory It seems like Katie definitely knew she was going to announce her new relationship about two weeks ago, which is two weeks after they announced their split. “I really don’t think there’s any physical cheating there, but obviously there is emotion [cheating] so that it converts as quickly as it does,” he theorized. “At least she has some sort of emotional connection, right? It happened too fast. How?”

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