Bizarre Battlefield 2042 Glitch Lets Players ‘Swim’ in the Sky

Hitherto, Battlefield 2042Its launch has been less smooth. While it looks like it’s still attracting players, Battlefield 2042 has been widely criticized, received poor reviews on Steam and review aggregator sites like Metacritic. There are many issues that players have pointed to, although consistent issues with bugs and glitches are some of the most frequently cited causes for concern. However, a new bug is at least somewhat interesting.

On Reddit, a post by u/AngryFlyingBears shows a large group of players ‘swimming’ in the sky above Kaleidoscope map. Players are seen entering a large pool before being lifted up and out of it, joining helicopters and other flying vehicles. It was a somewhat bewildering sight when looking up at the dozens of players floating around.


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It’s not clear what exactly caused the glitch as shown in the video. The scenes appear to have been filmed in Battle Portal, which allows players to make custom matches with their own personal twists – in this case what appears to be some sort of Infection game mode. Maybe the problem is with the Portal or the custom game mode itself, but it’s hard to say for sure. Either way, however, it’s enough to raise an eyebrow, and the incident certainly doesn’t help with current perceptions of Battlefield 2042.

Fortunately, EA and DICE are promising update for Battlefield 2042 for several years, starting with the second major update rolling out today. There is a laundry list that needs to be addressed quickly, although the second update will remove some major issues from the list. The main improvements are changes to the weapon balance, especially making the assault rifle more versatile at longer ranges thanks to the hatch adjustments.

Of course, there is still some time left Battlefield 2042 equal to the player’s expectations. Basic elements of the experience, like the new Expert system, have been laden with criticism, with little positive mention of the characters. Amount of content in Battlefield 2042 is also subject to criticism, as it features fewer weapons and maps than previous entries.

For now, the sky swimming bug is just a funny example of Battlefield 2042current status. For some, it’s a symbol of a larger problem, and for others, it’s just something to laugh about. Either way, one can hope that Battlefield 2042Its subsequent updates make it the best game it can be.

Battlefield 2042 currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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