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Awake New York and marketing agency No Company teamed up to launch a t-shirt on Thursday in support of the victims of the Bronx building fire on January 9, which claimed the lives of 17 people.

Awake NY founder Angelo Baque and No Company founder Ricardo Rodriguez tapped a number of brands and advertising within their networks to help support victims of the tragedy, including Fear brands of God, Union Los Angeles, Just Don, Denim Tears, Luar, Barriers Worldwide and Ice Studios; photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis and graffiti artist and hip-hop pioneer King Phade Shirt; the Spaniard Ghetto Gastro and Scarr’s Pizza; host nightlife Ghe20Gothi1k; Content venture Away from BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester and hip-hop radio station Hot97.

The t-shirt retails for $60 and is available on the Awake New York website through midnight EST January 17, featuring Shirt King Phade artwork on the front of the shirt that reads “I [Heart] Bronx” with subway trains and many of the county’s neighborhoods, and every partner’s logo on the back of the t-shirt. All proceeds from the sale of t-shirts will go to Until Freedom Network, a nonprofit focused on addressing racial and systemic injustice with direct contact with the teams on the front lines. land in The Bronx.

Click here to reserve a shirt.

Back of Awake New York x No Company t-shirt

The back of the Awake New York x No Company t-shirt features the logos of the brands Fear of God, Hot97, Just Don and more.
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On January 9, a Central Bronx high-rise fire at Twin Parks North West, Area 4, a 19-story residential building with 120 apartments, killed 17 people, including 8 children, and 44 injured love. According to investigators, a space heater ignited a mattress on the second and third floors, taking nearly four hours to contain. According to investigators, the fireplace had been in use for a long time because the temperature in the house was too cold. The building had three heating complaints in 2021.

Twin Parks North West, Site 4 is owned by Camber Property Group, whose co-founder, Rick Gropper, is a housing advisor to newly elected Mayor Eric Adams. Fire survivors have filed lawsuits against the city and past and current homeowners seeking $1 billion for the victims. Awake NY, No Company Launch T-shirt Supporting Bronx Fire Victims – WWD

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