‘Arcane’ won’t become the gold standard for animation, say adults go swimming

Poster from Netflix's Arcane

Given the track record of video game adaptations, most people were right to put their money in Arcaneof failure. But then most people were proven wrong by the time the ending credits appeared in the first episode.

Netflix’s Arcane quickly became the Internet’s next big thing when it premiered in November 2021. A powerfully poignant story, startling character traits, almost unsettling attention to detail, and an animated style Amazing new shapes that combine CG elements with concept sketches all worked together to make this series an unexpected gem.

However, great works of art often come with a terrible price. Because Arcane, which involved a massive six years of development, which is essentially triple what most movies, TV shows, or even animated features get in this day and age.

A lot of people are now thinking that Arcane will somehow become the gold standard of animated shows, but according to Jason DeMarco – Adult Swim CEO on Twitter, the program is not nearly as cost-effective as it would be to produce that effect.

“No, Arcane had a big budget – I know how much it was – and they had six years in development, which most shows would never have. Obviously, that’s not to say the film isn’t an amazing feat, but it has no lessons to offer to the world of CG anime.

“No animation studio can afford to throw development money at a team for over half a decade! And if Arcane goes anywhere but Netflix, where ROI (return on investment) doesn’t really matter, then economics means nothing for a studio. It’s certainly a miracle – but it won’t be a miracle. ”


Arcane The producers have reaffirmed that season 2 won’t take long to produce, but even then, it’s not every day that the company decides to take such a big risk for a series. In this case, though, we’re pretty lucky that they did. ‘Arcane’ won’t become the gold standard for animation, say adults go swimming

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