Arcane: Are Vi and Caitlyn a couple?

Arcane: League of Legends tells the origin stories of some of the game’s most iconic characters, including Vi and Caitlyn. Viewers are particularly interested in the move between these two, specifically wondering if Vi and Caitlyn are in a gay relationship. So, are Vi and Caitlyn a couple in Arcane? Here are the details on what’s going on between two of the top ladies of the LoL Netflix series.

Are Vi and Caitlyn dating in Arcane: League of Legends?

Are Vi and Caitlyn a couple in League of Legends Arcane

Are Vi and Caitlyn a couple in League of Legends Arcane

Vi and Caitlyn seem to share romantic chemistry in Arcane: League of Legends, though are not yet officially a couple.

In one scene from Arcane, all but confirmation that Caitlyn is gay. Vi also calls Caitlyn “hot”, along with calling her “cupcake” – usually a cute pet name. While this isn’t definitive confirmation that the two are romantically involved, Arcane: League of Legends seems to be laying the groundwork for an eventual relationship.

Fans can see Caitlyn and Vi dating in the near future second season. Judging by the reaction on social media to the apparent sexuality between these two characters, viewers are eager to see them begin a relationship. With a fan base hoping to see a clearer display of homosexuality in the series, only time will tell if Netflix will deliver.

Arcane is just one of a number of projects currently expanding League of Legends lore. Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem are both out now, and fans are getting their first look at Project L, an upcoming fighting game set in the League of Legends universe. This is a great time to become a fan of the world of Runeterra.

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