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brave cat
brave cat

NS Tampa Bay Buccaneers This season is off to a pretty good start. The team registered a few resounding wins at the start of the season. However, the boys seem to have lost touch a bit. After losing to the Saints, the Buccaneers suffered their second consecutive loss to Washington.

Brady and company are being questioned because they cannot function as expected. As usual, however, Brady put in a great performance against the Giants and ended a two-match unbeaten streak. The Giants never really felt comfortable against the mighty Buccaneers and the game ended 30-10 in favor of Tampa Bay.

“They don’t happen often so I remember how far they go”: Brady on the 11 meter track

brave cat
brave cat

Without a doubt, the Buccaneers quarterback came out on Monday. His side looked eager to win and superstar Brady ended the night with 30 of 46 completed passes for two touchdowns and just one interception. Brady also accumulated a total of 307 passes.

After such a sensational attempt, Brady’s smile was evident during the post-match press conference. Furthermore, when a reporter asked about his 10-yard run, he immediately corrected him by saying it was an 11-yard run. “They don’t happen often so I remember how far they’ve come,‘ Brady said.

Without a doubt, Brady deserves all the praise for his performance. Furthermore, his team is in dire need of a win as they cannot continue to lose even with big names in the unit. Next, Sugarcane seller will face the Indianapolis Colts.

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