Warum Metroid Prime 4 noch nicht erschienen ist

Out of all the core Nintendo franchises, Metroid seems to be the unlucky one, at least when it comes to growth. Although no game is without its own troubles in development, but Metroid The series has a bit of a habit of being delayed, switched hands, and completely canceled. The recently released Metroid DreadFor example, there has been a rather messy development, originally conceived in 2005, but not fully started until just a few years ago.


Nirgendwo Metroidunlucky to develop more prominent Metroid Prime 4, a game announced in 2017, is yet to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. Development is rife with failure after failure, and while Metroid Prime 4 definitely still in progress, maybe it will take a little longer until it is in the hands of the player.

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Explain the development history of Metroid Prime 4

Samus from Metroid Prime

Although it may have been officially announced in 2017, Metroid Prime 4Its development may have begun nearly ten years earlier. When released Metroid Prime trilogy in 2009, Kensuke Tanabe, who directed the production for the majority of Metroidhistory of, talking about his future plans with the series. Although he didn’t give any specifics, he did confirm that they will be back Element and that he’s particularly interested in working on the series’ multiplayer component.

In 2015, in an interview centered around malicious fans Metroid Prime: Federation Forces, Tanabe is once again baked into the future Metroid Prime plans. Tanabe has speculated on several possible stories and set elements that an eventual Element 4 could use, say that a time-travel mechanic, along with a focus on Sylux, an earlier antagonist of the series, would likely be at the core of the game.

After two years, and Metroid Prime 4 was finally officially announced via Nintendo’s online E3 stream, along with Metroid: Samus kehrt zurück, 2.5D remake of Metroid 2: Return of Samus, made specifically for the 3DS. Details about the actual game do not exist, not even a confirmed developer. Of course, no release date has been given for the game, despite some speculation that it could be out in just a year, but those rumors were quickly denied by Nintendo.

The majority of fan rumors around Metroid Prime 4Its development at this point focuses on Bandai Namco, and their ability to get into the game. At the beginning of 2018, some Bandai Namco’s staff updated their LinkedIn page, detailing that they are currently working on a first-person shooter game developed specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

Eurogamer received a lot of advice around Bandai Namco’s involvement with Metroid Prime 4, and finally reported that Bandai Namco Japan is said to be working on the game. Fans of the series continue to dig, looking for any piece of information they can find. Finally, Bandai Namco’s LinkedIn profile senior online programmer was found, in which he said we were working on an “interesting project.” While the detail is pretty innocuous, this doesn’t stop fans or outlets from speculating, who all agree that this means Metroid Prime 4 there must be some online multiplayer functionality in some form.

As E3 2018 rolled around, a year after the game was first announced, fan speculation hit an all-time high. However, to the surprise of many, not a single piece of Metroid Prime 4 content is displayed. No trailers, no gameplay and certainly no release date. In response to widespread criticism, Nintendo Reggie Fils-Aime states that they will only show fans something when they have something really worth recommending and Nintendo doesn’t want to constantly hang Metroid Prime 4 in front of fans without any substance behind it.

This news basically acts as a confirmation that Element 4 will not release in 2018, which disappointed many, but gave some credit that Nintendo has faith in the project and will spend all its time making it the game everyone has come to expect. Unfortunately, 2019 will bring some pretty devastating news.

January 25, 2019, saw a video titled “Development Update on Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch” on the Nintendo YouTube channel. In just over three minutes, the world said that Metroid Prime 4 does not meet Nintendo’s standardsand that the difficult decision was made to start over the development process from scratch.

Of course, this means that any rumors about a release date are completely dropped. From this disappointing announcement came a glimmer of hope, as it was announced that Retro Studios, Original developer of Metroid Prime series, will take over the reigns of Metroid Prime 4developer Kensuke Tanabe returns as project leader.

From April to November 2019, Retro Studios continues to recruit, gaining some of the industry’s best talent in a variety of fields. IT engineers, art directors, environmental artists, graphic engineers, character and cinematographers, senior designers, etc. were all added to the project within just a few months. Retro Studios veteran Nicholas Shaw was also added to the team, joining as lead narrative designer.

This recruiting frenzy continues well into 2020, with both Retro Studios veterans returning to the fray once again and brand new faces joining the crew for the first time to make the fourth entry. this infamous. In August 2020, Richard Vorodi, who serves as the story designer in Metroid Prime Hunters, said in an interview that Sylux has a lot potential as a Metroid countervailing, and that their backstory was presented behind the scenes. This led to a lot of speculation from fans, with many linking Tanabe’s initial affection to a potential Element the sequel uses Sylux’s character for this claim, hinting at their possible return in Metroid Prime 4.

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Explains why Metroid Prime 4 is not out yet

Samus in Metroid Prime 4

Currently, there is no more official news about Metroid Prime 4. No more trailers, no glimpses of gameplay, no potential release date, and there is no actual endorsement of any aspect of the game. The only official word from Nintendo was during E3 2021, where Shinya Takahashi confirmed that Element 4 still being researched, but they have nothing to show at the time, instead they announce Metroid-Schrecken.

According to the last few earnings report from Nintendo, Metroid Prime 4The release date is still “TBA.” While waiting for a long time Bayonetta 3 und Zelda: Breath of the Wild the sequel now has a release window on these earnings reports, Metroid Element 4 still not, which many believe the game won’t release until 2023 at the earliest.

Metroid Prime 4Its development problems are undoubtedly the biggest factor in why the game hasn’t come out yet. Most Nintendo games have a development cycle of about three to five years, so it only makes sense that starting early in 2019 would lead to an estimated release date of 2023 at the earliest.

However, with the lack of any new trailers, or even official confirmation of any details of Metroid Prime 4, looks like fans won’t see Metroid Prime 4 anytime soon, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the development of every game right now. However, with the original studio and project hard at work on the game, Metroid Prime 4 will likely meet its astronomical expectations, like Metroid-Schrecken tat.

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