VALORANT-Fans erhalten kostenlose VP, um lustige Neons wie Panic Meme zu zeichnen

Needing a few more VPs, VALORANT player u/Emperyan_ engaged agent Neon in a rendition of the iconic “Sanic” meme.

Have you ever missed just a few credits to get a skin for your favorite game? With so many games these days offering in-game deals for limited (or special) edition cosmetics, it’s hard to resist the fun skins and items.

Many fans of first-person shooters will say that this is especially true of Riot WERTVOLL. The game’s ever-expanding list of weapon dealers and items fuels a huge demand for in-game cosmetics – so much so that players spend considerable time and money collecting these items every day. season.

Obwohl WERTVOLLTwo in-game currencies – Value Points (VP) and Radioactive Points (RP) – are mainly earned through buying real money, there are many ways to earn them. One player took advantage of these ways, earning VP by recreating the popular Sonic meme, WERTVOLL Stil.

Deo | Spark Neon Agent-Trailer



Deo | Spark Neon Agent-Trailer






Like many other players, Reddit user Emperyan_ had their vision of the latest battle of the season. Normally, battlepass costs 1000 VP, which opens up potential premium rewards for players. However, Emperyan_ only had 945 VP, just 55 points short of their required total.

Glücklicherweise WERTVOLL actually organized a special open submission program titled “VP for art“. Players can now submit fan art in exchange for Riot’s in-game currency. These submissions are really a long tradition of Riot, as they used to be Program “Sweet to get RP” for League of Legends. Taking advantage of open submissions, Emperyan_ drew Agent Neon as an old Sonic meme.

Valorant Neon Sanic MemeValorant Neon Sanic Meme
The Art of Emperyan_

Indeed, it goes without saying that Emperyan_ really, has really captured the aesthetic of the original meme. Named “Hedgehog panicThis meme originated in 2010 in a YouTube video titled “How 2 Draw Sanic Hegehog”. The creator, 0nyxheart, removed the original video, but Sanic continued to gain internet fame.

Surprisingly, Riot responded to Emperyan_’s meme shortly after submitting. Thanks for their art, they made a special exception for Emperyan_ and gave them 55 VP instead of the usual max of 50. Also, as if it couldn’t be funnier, some of the developers Riot actually responded to Emperyan_’s post on Reddit:

Later, Riot VFX artist Pierre-Luc Jacques (u/Riot_PJacques) commented: “Omg I will use the Sanic-Neon emoji all the time haha ​​Thank you for blessing us with the masterpiece.“In general, I think we can all thanks to Emperyan_ for their hilarious artwork.

Jetzt, WERTVOLL Episode 4 Akt 1 kann kostenlos auf dem PC gespielt werden.

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