Der nächste DLC für Die Sims 4 scheint durchgesickert zu sein

Again, another DLC from Die Sims 4 seems to have been leaked. This DLC is on the current 2022 Roadmap labeled Simthing To Celebrate, seemingly themed on weddings and parties.

With the new season of The Sims 4 underway, fans of the social simulator know what to expect between now and March 2022 when they learn about a new bundle of games, community collaboration, global food items Free and two vibrant kits. However, it looks like one of the kits was leaked today by a source from the Microsoft Store database.


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The tweet has since been deleted, but it was leaked by Twitter user @Alumia_Italia, a trusted source is said to have leaked The Sims 4 Hatchery tool set. This clearly got fans excited as they continued to ask the source for more information on the DLC. However, the source remained vague by saying that they didn’t want to “ruin the fun” and left it at that.


The leak accompanies the image above, as part of the deleted tweet has been restored and posted to Sims Community, one of the many fansites. According to The Sim Team, it reveals items featured for Create A Sim, items that promise “Vivid Kits that celebrate ferocious design”, with colorful and striking looks. Since Sims Developers Revealed This Year’s Roadmap, it’s nothing more than hints and teasers of what kinds of anniversary themes it could bring over the next three months. This leak gives fans more of an idea of ​​what’s to come as well Die Sims 4 The promotional tweet pushes fans to “Congratulations on moments worth celebrating” and adds that there are gifts to categorize.

Players expressed excitement for the new season as they shared ideas about what types of celebrations to come and even where they might be themed, such as in Brazil or India. With sandbox gameplay already appealing to those who have never owned a console or consider themselves die-hard gamers, each new DLC has enhanced the player community and expanded the title. Even though it’s been eight years since the release of the last part of the series, and honestly fans Ready for The Sims 5 to be announced, these DLC packs in between still attract players to experience what’s new in the field.

While fans continue to wait The Sims 5, the developers have always controlled the player community, and so should the upcoming DLCs. Hopefully more information about the anniversary expansion will be released soon.

Die Sims 4 Derzeit verfügbar für PC, PS4 und Xbox One.

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The source: PCGamesN, Sims . Community

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