Rampage LMG Nerfed in Apex Legends

One of the more powerful weapons in Apex-Legenden has been “nerfed”. Rampage LMG was added to Season 10 of the battle royale, and it was immediately considered one of the The best LMG in Apex Legends. However, Respawn Entertainment just weakened the deadly gun in an update, which could alter the game’s meta a bit.

Recently, two weapons were temporarily taken out of the Respawn Entertainment battle royale. Rampage LMG and Sentinel sniper rifle has been installed Apex Legends, because of a glitch that allowed the weapons to be charged infinitely. Now that the bug has been fixed, Respawn took the opportunity to “nerf” the Rampage LMG, a weapon that a lot of the community complained about.


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Apex-Legenden received the update and one of the main aspects of the patch was reintroducing Sentinel and Rampage after they were taken out of the game. Some players noticed the change to Rampage and Respawn confirmed the nerf on Twitter. Damage of Mighty Rampage has been reduced from 28 per bullet to 26. Additionally, Thermite consumption has been increased, meaning the gun will return to its normal state more quickly when grenades are used to power up.

According to the popular shooter’s Lead Weapon Designer, Eric Canavese, Rampage has no plans to be nerfed until Part 12 of Apex Legends. Weapon changes, Legends overhauls, and more usually happen with a major seasonal update, not in a small mid-season patch. However, since Rampage has been disabled for a short time, now is the perfect opportunity to make the change.

The tweaks to the LMG could be game-changing, but it’s likely the gun will remain very popular in the future. Apex-Legenden. Before the update, Rampage dealt 140 damage per second. Now it’s 130. Meanwhile, when using Thermite to power up, Rampage used to deal 182 damage per second thanks to its faster fire rate. It’s now 169. If a player is fully healed, regardless of what armor they’re using, Rampage will still have more accurate hits to kill than it did before the patch (nothing). headshots). But if an enemy is already wounded, or if the Rampage is mixed with other weapons, this change could mean that one more bullet is needed to do the job. Perhaps the biggest reason for Rampage’s success is its large magazine size and impressive accuracy, and this has remained the same to this day. The biggest change might simply be that the LMG will come out of “Revved Up” much faster.

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