PUBG-Mutterkonzern Krafton verklagt Apple, Google und Garena wegen angeblicher Urheberrechtsverletzung in Free Fire

Krafton, the parent company of the developer and publisher PUBG, is suing Apple, Google and Garena, alleging copyright infringement of the mobile battle royale title Garena's mobiles ÜberlebensspielLaut einem Reuters-Bericht.

The Korean company accused the mobile game of copying some aspects of the game PUBG: Schlachtfelder, which includes “game structure, items, equipment, and in-game locations”. While Garena was sued for creating this title, Google and Apple were brought in for distribution Garena's mobiles Überlebensspiel on its app stores.

According to reports, Krafton had previously asked Garena, Apple, and Google to stop distributing the game in December. With no action taken, the company moved to a California district court to block the game and revoke it. “damage,” which they say includes Garena’s profit from the sale of the game.

Krafton also mentioned Freies Feuer MAX in its lawsuit. This game, released last year, is an upgraded version of the original title with better graphics to attract players with higher device specifications.

PUBG: Schlachtfelder was released in 2016 and quickly became one of the most loved battle royale titles at the time. The genre-defining game was later brought to Android and iOS devices in 2018 through a collaborative effort between Krafton and Tencent. Tencent owns shares of Krafton, as well as Garena’s parent company Sea group, although reduce its holdings in the company earlier this month.

Während PUBG Mobil quickly becoming the top mobile title since its release 4 years ago, it has faced competition from Garena’s Garena's mobiles Überlebensspiel. Krafton’s lawsuit came shortly after the company released a new mobile game, PUBG: Neuer Status, released in November.

This is not the first time Krafton has sued companies for allegedly copying words from PUBG IP. In 2018, the company has filed a lawsuit against Epic Games because of the “many similarities” between PUBG und Fortnite. It also has move against NetEase in the same year as his two mobile games, Überlebensregeln und Zieh das Messer raus, for similar reasons. All three games are available for download now. PUBG parent company Krafton sues Apple, Google and Garena for alleged copyright infringement in Free Fire

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