Die PS5-Version von Apex Legends könnte kommen

Es scheint Apex-Legenden could be one of the next titles to receive a new generation upgrade. While there hasn’t been any kind of official announcement, it looks like a PS5 version of Apex Legends was detected on the PSN database.

Since both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S came out, Apex-Legenden players had to settle down to play the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game even though one of its main competitors in Fortnite get PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades not long after the launch of the new console. The popular Electronic Arts shooter can now join the ranks of those that offer an improved version of the original game.


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According to a fairly reliable Twitter account called PlayStation Game Size that spends most of its time monitoring Playstation patches, PS5 version of Apex Legends was recently added to the main PlayStation Network database. The social media account claims that the download of this new generation patch will be quite substantial (80GB+ without any other patches).

Not long after reports of the PS5 version of the game began circulating on social media, industry analyst MauroNL tweeted his confirmation of the version, saying the update should be out soon. He promised that this version of Apex Legends there will be 120fps mode was mentioned by the Respawn developers last winter. MauroNL also says the upcoming version will boost resolution and higher graphics fidelity across the board.

Respawn that was planning for PS5 and Xbox Series X versions / WILL belong to Apex-Legenden not a secret. During a Reddit AMA in August, the developers confirmed that it was in the works and added that they were looking forward to seeing it in action. However, while they confirm the upgrade is a work in progress, there hasn’t been any kind of data released on when it might launch. The developers have also been pretty quiet on that front since the confirmation in the summer.

While the PS5 version of Apex-Legenden being the only version that has been reportedly spotted in the wild, the existence of that version almost certainly means the Xbox Series X/S upgrade will be out around the same time. For its part, Respawn has yet to confirm that this new version of the game is coming, and the company released only a small patch on Thursday. However, with rumors swirling around social media, if the release is early, there’s a reason the company will make an official announcement shortly.

Apex-Legenden Ab sofort für PC, PS4, Switch und Xbox One verfügbar.

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